The Real CSM

I think it’s time we had a real CSM, with real players who do real things, like ganking miners. In order to keep bots in line, I will personally certify votes according to whether or not the voter is human. We can thus have a round table of esteemed individuals who will be available to advise CCP on any and every subject.

As the Heroin of Highsec, I will now nominate myself as leader of the Free Galaxy, and am hereby awarded a permanent seat.

Here is the current makeup of the Real CSM.

Grande Dais

  • Chairwoman and Senior Conslutant: Princess Aiko the Fair
  • Honorary Lapcat: Destiny Corrupted
  • Royal Botanist: Zopiclone
  • Cupbearer: Jonah Gravenstein
  • Court Jester: Hazen Koraka
  • Minister without Portfolio: Githany Red
  • Footstool: Wah Huren

Royal Legislature and Board of Imperial Directors

  • King Donatien Alphonse Francois I (D-Audaerne)
  • Grey Ignis (G-Ignoitton)
  • Solonius Rex (G-Otosela)
  • TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet (R-Uemisaisen)

You may feel free to nominate additional candidates and vote accordingly.

[Space Reserved for Important Galactic News Alerts]


Slut? Typo it seems. You mean consultant surely?


I want to make it absolutely clear that I do not want a permanent seat on the council, however, I do request a permanent seat on Aiko’s lap.


The thread got off to a bad start and now gets even Lewder.

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O7 Praise Aiko

Good cheer, Tweeps has accepted a position as the delegate from Uemisaisen.

Congratulations to the candidate!

I feel left out

I predict that as useless as this Real CSM is, it’ll still be more constructive than the Usurper CSM that CCP uses as a smoke screen.


Can I be on the board of directors or something?

The chair recognizes Solonius Rex as the delegate from Otosela!


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Thank you! What an honour it is. I, like all those around me, only exist to serve the public and the greater good of Hisec.

I nominate Donatien Alphonse Francois as the delegate from Audaerne.

The chair recognizes King Don as the delegate from Audaerne.


Oh boy, I can’t wait for the fun and festivities to begin!

Poor Sargon


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Cocaine Supply Monopoly??

Crazy Sex Monsters?


Collectors of Small Mammals?

I nominate myself as the official beer taster.

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I’ll apply to the post of “Pretty High all the time lately but used to be just O.K. position.” Thanks!

Can I have a position? I can represent whatever interests I’m needed to.