Aryth on CSM13

Dear pasteeaters, I am going to be on the CSM again this year. I hope you all pod yourselves over and over until it stops working.

You should vote for someone like Jin’tan who will act like he cares what you think. I sure as hell don’t.


Reminder: it doesn’t matter how you vote, the girth of Goonswarm Federation alone will all but guarantee his seat.


I approve of this product and/or service.

Honesty in politics, wonders will never cease :rofl:

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What was last years campaign post Aryth?

Good. Then we don’t need to vote for anyone, have CONDI take all the seats and can have infinite bashing potential on the forums and reddit. I approve of this pointless candidate and election.

Aryth still can’t convince me you’re not a good guy :slight_smile:

From memory it was something along the lines of “I don’t need your vote, you terrible pubbies”.

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Yep… you convinced me.

The man of my dreams!

i too am gay

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Now this is the kind of campaign I can get behind.

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Vote well, vote often, vote the party line.

I can’t stand politics but EVE’s make me smile. (^.^ )

I second this motion.


Five of Five Stars.

Would vote for this product/service again.


(I totally didn’t do that at one of the CSM summits. honest. I added the crispy M&Ms too)

n n n notice me sempai aryth kun

CSM’er btw