Aryth Still Hates You - CSM 14

Another year of CSMing coming up shortly. Another year in which I tell you how much I despise all things pubbie. I am not going to put any tags on my thread because I don’t care what anyone outside my bloc thinks. All of the other candidates are going to need to shill for votes.

Not me! I am going to tell you just how terrible you are and that you should vote for anyone else. Because you are amoeba who do not matter to the grand story of EVE. The other candidates will at least give you lipservice that you are a special snowflake of an amoeba because they want your votes.

You can count on me to tell you the brutal truth dear lower lifeforms! As far as I am concerned you are all Naegleria Fowleri and if I let you get too close you will infect my brain with your stupid.

PS. f wormholers


A person who doesn’t want to show their face when others do to show who they are as part of the community. Very trustworthy.


Say what you will but hes actually a really effective CSM.

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For who?

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Hmmm I dunno Athyr … what experience do you have ?

Most of these CSMs have a wealth of experience you know.

I would endorse this candidate for GSM but they don’t need my endorsement or anyone’s for that matter. Aryth is very very talented and will probably be one of the few people who get the joke in this post.

We tricked you into influencing good changes Aryth - THE REAL META!

Have you read the CSM minutes just about everyone has benefited from his contributions. Just dont vote for him cause trust me we got him on for sure.

Therfore bihoueth hire a ful long spoon That shal ete with a feend.

We :black_heart: you too, you magnificent bastige.

after the brisc saga who can blame him

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Rivr, he was photographed this past summit without the mask.


I presume that you noticed it’s his first post on here for six months? Obviously he’s only back for votes again but doesn’t give a damn about communicating with the playerbase on the official forums.

So why should we the players vote for candidates like that?

But I have no doubt that his alliance will block vote him on again (not just him either) so they can enjoy the freebies to Iceland while ignoring us for another year.


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