The Real CSM

You can be one of the product dealer.:+1:

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I 2nd that , can you be wine taster too save having 2 people , I know it’s a lot to ask

I endorse Aiko Danuja for CSM.

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Thank you I guess for my unexpected appointment. I will take my duties seriously and shiptoast in this thread. Looking forwards to seeing my comrade-in-arms’s portfolio. :popcorn:

Im a quango

No can do, I can’t drink red wine; it all tastes like vinegar to me.

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I regret to acknowledge this but given the modern state of CSM even Aiko would be less useless for the state of HS and LS industry than the current crew.

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When I read the thread title I came fast with some hope of high meme content, only to find a precocious troll festivity.

Shame, shame, shame …

Aiko can sit on my lap anytime she wants to :slight_smile:

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I’d nominate myself as the clone healer, IRL massage therapist

How much for an ingame massage?

With all the gankers and griefers everywhere, I wouldn’t bet on getting a happy ending.


Pfft, so long as I tip him well enough, im sure he can make me very happy indeed.

I was doing the math which I suck at math, 6b isk should suffice for payment :smiley:

Done. Now i just need CCP to impliment captains quarters again, and add an option for intimate socializing.

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This chat must be the record for the most Dweebs in one chat!

Taking roleplay to a new level of neckbeard! Well done!

Wow, so many amazing candidates stepping forward to represent the galaxy! :upside_down_face:

Amazing! :sunglasses:

I think we need like real cool loot chests like diablo 2, like giant golden chests that just explode really cool and colorful loot everywhere when U open them, when you get to the end of a mission. We need vampires and better bosses too, like if we still had walking in stations you could go to stations for mission to kill the vampires and theirs a giant golden chest behind him w/ all the loot. And we need mission gates that lock behind you so we can do missions again without getting ganked especially in losec.

Flying lootboxes are protected.