The reduction of the Advanced Audio Settings

Why was this done? - And can we please have it undone?

I have tried get a little sensible sound back but:

Modules (like the sound my shield hardener makes when it begins the cycle)

  • I want this low, 0-20 range.
  • Because it is an extremely noisy sound when your camera happens to be close to your ship, making it annoying to look around and enjoy space, turning this down makes me not just zoom out and only use overview in a non-graphical game play.

3rd Party Warp (when someone else warps onto grid near you).

  • I want this high 90-100.
  • Because its low to begin with, and it is an extreme danger alert that should be screaming high with flashing red lights.

Now these two are in the same “Ship Effects” option? Whoever did this must never play (or play with sounds off).

Incoming Fire (when a projectile fired by the enemy hits your ship).

  • I want this low.
  • Because its ear defining if you have the camera near your ship and fight in particular Angel rats - again having it low makes me not just zoom out to a non-graphical game play style.

My turrets (own guns etc firing)

  • I would like this high enough, so its distinct able there even when taking incoming fire.
  • Because I want a constant “hey you are fighting back” feedback thing.

These two are also in the same setting?

Simply have to give up on sounds in Eve for now … This reduction of options is stupid, and the choices of combines are really stupid too.

EDIT This is by no means the complete list of stupid, this is just the point where I gave up.


It is all about money. Less options means less testing that has to be done, less testing = less QA staff, less QA staff = more money for those with CCP stock options.

Changing it means testing, leave it be means no work.

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Not changing it (leaving it with all the options) means more work, as each and every option has to be tested each and every patch.

Sometimes there are unexpected interactions in the code so things have to be tested every time.

I dont think they test stuff anyway. Or they know about bugs and still dont do anything about them in time. Just get it out to the people if they see it works more or less and then patch it if its broken tragically. Its a makeshift culture. CCP Phantom noticed it while he still worked in CCP.


Obligatory…EVE has sound? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


the old sound functions were very important to visually impaired players
it is hypocritical because ccp had a drive for handicapped players in 2017
after they had removed these features that help handicapped players
and the reason why
because diametrics showed less than 1% of players were using them
yeah but the ones who were using them were the handicapped players who rely on them
the ones you claim to be helping
there was no reason to remove them other than client bloat
but its hypocritical for ccp to say they want to help handicapped players while removing the tools they rely on from their game


Is this why my targeting noise volume control disappeared? I could have sworn I used to have one, set it to where I wanted it, never thought about it again until one day it seemed exponentially louder than I remembered. Went to search for the option, wasn’t there, didn’t know if I was going crazy or not.

And why does it seem like every time something I use gets pulled out of the game, I hear the excuse “Well only 1% of players ever used it”. Am I like, the only person in EvE using advanced audio/video/control/camera options? Because I’d bet real money most of the nullseccers and wormholers do.

Advancement is supposed to bring us more options to tweak and fine-tune programs to fit our needs, not reduce them.

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Made me lol :rofl:

It’s a great excuse when you want Carte Blanche.

More seriously, it’s a terrible reason to do things, because it automatically judges the 1% (if that’s even the true figure) and the things that they enjoy / need / want as less important than the other 99% and the things they enjoy / need / want.

Not a fan of simplistic majority based game development at all. Seems a bit too much like we must all play the same, think the same and enjoy the same things (aka sheep mode).

In this particular case as JC Mieyli pointed out, the old sound functions were specifically designed to cater to a minority group within the playerbase in the first place. If these functions have been removed ‘because only a minority used them’ … lol.

'Only a few people used it so we took it out’ makes it very clear you don’t care what your players enjoy whenever it’s only a few of your players that enjoy it, and that bugs the hell out of me.


man i miss CCP Whitenoise trash.

if you’re out there man , those were some good options you gave us.


or write a script for a usermode filesystem which reroutes all writes into seperate files. that’d prevent any errors from happening.

Yes it is.

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