The rescue of Emoh Aidem

This is a VOF breaking news bulletin. I am your host Erin Liberta.

Tonight I will be interviewing the founder of the VOF who had recently gone missing for several months. Mister Aidem will tell us his story of what had happened to him to the extent that he can recall.

Mister Aidem could you start with why you are telling us this interesting story of yours.

You see, I am a citizen of the State. I founded the VOF as an anonymous organization to report on the events around EvE for protected sources that might otherwise be at risk.

(Host looks down at a tablet and back up)

According to this you say you have a gap in your memory that starts from 3 days ago to 3 months ago? This is interesting, could you expand on this and how you can have knowledge of what occurred during that gap.

Yes of course, I have an implant in the auris interna. This allows to make an auditory recording (Mr. Aidem reaches behind his ear making a tapping gesture) This will start an auditory recording with an extensive recording period.

That mister Aidem this explains how you can recall events you can not actually remember?
Exactly, let me start with the events leading to my rescue. I have given sound clips to the technician to play when I give a cue to play it. The first will be played now.

“Mister Aidem your time is running out. This is your final chance to answer me… How did you know the location of this facility?”

And again I replied “I’m a simple citizen, I was given a location that I was assured was an abandoned location and I might find it of interest. coughs *motions with hand”

“Tell me what was your interest in the battle at Caldari Prime and why naval intelligence intercepted a tight beam transmission directed at your vessel which was located the outer boundaries of the combat zone?”

To this question I attempted to invoke my refusal to answer under the rights listed in the CONCORD agreement. This caused the questioner to laugh *motions”

“Mister Aidem, you might not be aware but we were watching you when we brought you into this facility. You ate the food we gave you, You wore the clothes we provided for you and slept on the bed in your coughs space we lightly laughs I mean you resided in. You whispered what sounded like a song… what was this song.”

It is a simple song passed down on my mothers side of the family.

“I see, that is an interesting story indeed. I will have to follow up on that later”

(a knock in the distance is heard) Again more audio but it’s very faint but with some AI enhancements you can barely make out of muffled conversation.

*footsteps are heard moving away and a door is heard opening”
“What is the meaning of this interruption”

“Commander I am Kara Thrace that is Lee Adama and Guis Balter… See this… This is Home Security prisoner transfer authorization and you will bring us the individual now.

(a faint clicking sound is heard)

The woman’s voice is heard laughing lightly

“Your security is taking a small nap and oh sleep well commander. a loud thud is heard
“He’s over there Lee, grab him and lets get the frack out of here”

very heavy foot steps are heard getting closer, the ruffling of clothes is heard, Hey I’m Lee and a friend sent us. Lets get you out of that chair and out of hear. You can hear him ask another person whose name you already heard.

Guis how much time left?..5 minutes at best.

“Hey there I’m Kara and we’re here to extract you”

I ask who they are and just as I ask Lee says “that we can not answer” I then exclaim what was that and Guis replies “a little something I made to help you forget”

After several minutes Kara says quietly says to me “since you will not remember this… the general sends his regards”

And that is how I ended up here. My first memory was waking up in a pod floating in space with an emergency transponder on. I turned off the transponder and flew back to my station of residence in Todaki and reported to my staff and here I am now.

This concludes this broadcast. Again I am your host Erin Liberta signing off.

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