The return of Factor Five Mining and Industrial!

(Galic Storm) #1

FFM is an older corporation looking to come back into the fight.
We are a Wormhole/High-Sec corp.
We are accepting all players, new and old, and are willing to help teach newer players the ropes.

What We Offer

  • Boosts for mining ops
  • Help for new players to learn the game and get on their feet
  • Support for getting into the manufacturing and science side of Eve
  • Teaching the basics of Wormhole space and access to a C2 Wormhole

What We Are Looking For

  • Relaxed, mature players with a good attitude
  • Someone looking to create something great in New Eden

If interested feel free to join FFM Public Channel or contact Galic Storm.
Fly Safe o7

(Galic Storm) #2

Still looking for people.

(system) #3

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