The Return of the Towers

Whats this? More and more I see towers replacing the citadels in low sec, null and wh space :slight_smile:

Can it bee that people realize the folly of the citadels and that it is insanely easier to defend a tower and not a citadel???

  • Tower actually allows you to whoop a fleet or two…

Citadels are meant for big alliances and even some corps in those biggies prefer now the towers…

Why is that???

Cause its easier.

I constantly hear from WHers how its easier to have a tower than a citadel.

  • drops no core
  • has way more ehp
  • bubble is op af
  • not worth spending time shooting them
  • cheap
  • offers no beautiful kill reports

havent you heard? CCP phased out POS years ago and left us hanging with modules that are useless. and never compensated for BP as promised. YET, POS towers work and are so much easier to work with in changing environments.
PLUS you can put a rorq or orca in one while boosts are still running.
CCP keeps saying they want us to be more nomadic but you have to have citadels to do anything … makes no sense, Towers for the win


I’ve noticed more appearing in high sec too, tested it our selves and works fine, other than manufacturing type modules

they killed POS indy already, you cannot use the compression array no more. idk bout the shipbuilding arrays yet though other then the cap building array that of course been given the ole guillotine by CCP

My biggest wishlist item, forever, for EvE has been some kind of nomadic base ship… Maybe along the lines of an orca without the various mining stuff, that is instead optimized as a mobile base, like RR bonuses, a bigger ship hangar, maybe a bit bigger corp hangar, and then some kind of defense. Maybe a small, weak, pos shield that can only run for 24 hours max, or maybe some kind of stealthiness bonus, like the ability to stay cloaked while fleetmates access the hangars?

Maybe there is even an opportunity for a carrier-size mobile base with some kind of similar options (although, I’d hope that if they go with mobile base ships, they have at least one variant that is viable in wormholes).

If they want to encourage nomading, the long promised small citadel would be an obvious choice too, but I think I’d rather have a mobile base ship.


Yeah but it won’t be able to boost anyone.

I proposed “Space Winnebagos” 11 years ago but nobody found the idea very interesting. (ignore references to CQ/WIS, this was from Incarna days)

Citadels quite clearly need a massive buff to their offensive capabilities, because right now they are nowhere close to the legendary Deathstar POS’s of old. It is ridiculous that a group of 10-15 players can permatank a fully tech2 fitted Astrahus that is being manned. You shouldn’t be able to do that with a fleet of anything less than 40 (minimum). Increase the amount of standup missile launchers that each structure can fit. Maybe 10 for the Astrahus, 20 for the Fortizars, and 40-50 for Keepstars. And also make it so they automatically attack any war targets in range (and negative/red standings in nullsec) even when they are not manned. But with something like a 70% drop in DPS, so there’s an incentive to man it.

If I anchor an Astrahus it should take a fleet of at least 40-50 people to kill it, more if they aren’t paying attention to logi chains.


If you had a 10 man defense fleet I’m sure that would help, the structures defences are a Force multiplier, keep trying there are always ways in EvE, you just need to find them.

What a great skill to master I wish you luck

A defence fleet would help but that’s not really the point. Citadels shouldn’t be a “force multiplier” they should be a formidable target on their own. A tech2 fitted Astra with standup fighters should be as difficult to attack as old “deathstar” POS were.



  • defends on its own while your corp is offline, or at least requires a serious attack to be reinforced overnight
  • performs a LOT better in a combat situation (EWAR)
  • is WAY more flexible in terms of fitting
  • you can dip in and out of the shield to do annoying things to an attacking group of ships
  • JamTowers with dozens of Jammers want most attackers to rather go home than to keep locking and locking and locking and locking… for HOURS. And drones-only doctrines don’t even do half the DPS than Turrets. So good luck with removing like 50Million eHP on the defensive modules and then another 100 Million eHP on the tower before it reinforces.
  • ArtilleryTowers with a few webs and a POS gunner just WRECK anyone who isn’t pre-locked by multiple Logistics or has an enourmous buffer. Its hilarious how much volley you can put out with some gunners and focus fire.

So yeah, if you are mostly on your own, use a POS over an Upwell structure any time. The industrial value however is limited. If you can rely on powerful allies, an Upwell Structure will do and u can use all the industrial benefits, but you need to defend it with a formidable fleet if it comes under attack.

Can I ask, was the reason for having a structure so that you would be war eligible.

I or I should say we as in a like minded group have been planning for some time an idea that may line up with your idea of attacking certain groups.

Now I don’t mean any disrespect but some people don’t fully understand some areas, of eve, eg The Demon Princess of the west bank and head of the scamming Guild of new eden, fully understands her position in eve, how her game play works and rule governing it.
So often we hear, I want revenge, I’m a vet pvp from null and I want her dead, they show up in a bling ship, they are disappointed very quickly.

You have to figure out how to fight your chosen target. The null group and trade cartels of eve used Blackflag. They unleash their dogs of war when needed. Last time someone tried to bring down the poco Empire the battle was spectacular. Highsec battle fleets that you very rarely see in null or low, mixed in with gankers and armies of looters. It was a site but the grip they had on high sec held.

My point, it’s not about shooting a big gun, it’s finding other way to fight these people, ways that are still good fun for your side and give content. There was talk of a 2nd poco
War but that may be on hold for now but it held some interesting ideas but 1st attack made the poco owners change there setups a bit, again eve mechanics making people change what they do to counter an attack.

Chat in game some time if you need any help, I’m not an expert but I have found out from others in the know how to go about certain task, many are player from this very thread or your other threads that have helped my understanding, often they are my enemy’s

Eve is about people power, befriend people, use people, exploit people and as it’s eve plan how to kill people, and it’s never fair, it’s not War Thunder with even sides to start with, your only responsibility is content for yourself and your men and women.

Sorry that was a bit long🤨

But it was very good.

The Highsec Population has simply no clue , not even the slightest, how they are milked by the economic cartels of EVE via POCOs, Taxes and Extortion, Ganking and Wardecs. But even if they knew, even if you would explain every single one of them in detail how all these things are connected, it would not change anything, because they mostly care for themselves.

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But this is eve you have to try

@Zaera_Keena like the new name for Aiko :face_with_hand_over_mouth: in the above post

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