The Return of the Towers

Whats this? More and more I see towers replacing the citadels in low sec, null and wh space :slight_smile:

Can it bee that people realize the folly of the citadels and that it is insanely easier to defend a tower and not a citadel???

  • Tower actually allows you to whoop a fleet or two…

Citadels are meant for big alliances and even some corps in those biggies prefer now the towers…

Why is that???

Cause its easier.

I constantly hear from WHers how its easier to have a tower than a citadel.

  • drops no core
  • has way more ehp
  • bubble is op af
  • not worth spending time shooting them
  • cheap
  • offers no beautiful kill reports

havent you heard? CCP phased out POS years ago and left us hanging with modules that are useless. and never compensated for BP as promised. YET, POS towers work and are so much easier to work with in changing environments.
PLUS you can put a rorq or orca in one while boosts are still running.
CCP keeps saying they want us to be more nomadic but you have to have citadels to do anything … makes no sense, Towers for the win

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I’ve noticed more appearing in high sec too, tested it our selves and works fine, other than manufacturing type modules