The Rise and Fall in Bitcoin Value

Nothing to celebrate buddy, I can see this costing more in the long run. Think of all the work a typical government does…because the government doesn’t have many employees the wait for ones employment support claim could be 4 months. Buy that time one will be in hospital due to malnourishment costing the government even more.

People work in the civil service for one reason, to get great pensions and easy work. They get better pensions than private work.

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Who will asses elderly peoples needs and organise care for them? I’ve got no problem with frontline workers in any government (except some idiot police). none at all. I have the problem with the higher up’s in government who think their policies are effective when they are not.

The typical plan is for organic reduction, people leaving naturally, before forced layoffs. As long as that organic attriction works on a good timeframe it’s absorbable.

No new hires, reorganisations.

Not all civil servants want an easy ride, what about the amazing medical service personnel who did a brilliant job during the pandemic?

They did great dancing videos, apparently they had spare time to choreograph it all.

Clap Clap.

In the uk they only got about £300 for their work during the pandemic.

Perhaps they should negociate a better contract for their employment then. Contracts are between the employee and employer.

Source: COVID-19 Test kits (300215) imports by country | 2018

Note they changed the title to hide that, this is from the wayback machine before they changed the text to hide this.

Firstly, this document is false as the term “covid 19” didn’t exist until 2019, also there is evidence that coronaviruses have evolved with the Bat for millions of years.

There is too much falsehood out there and there is no way of knowing if documents like the one you posted are authentic.

There was lots of propaganda surrounding 5g too. It turns out there was this company that made a type of necklace that was supposed to “protect” the wearer from 5g. It turns out the necklace was radioactive and caused some of people to develop cancer.

It is beyond me how idiots can create a radio active device that was supposed to protect. This shows me that many people who promote propaganda have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

check it out: Anti-5G necklaces found to be radioactive - BBC News

I don’t think you understand what the internet archive is. I linked the archived page from WITS, you can go through the archive and select dates to see the changes. You can do it yourself.

The internet archive web crawls sites and archives them.

I don’t think you have a full understanding of medical stuff. neither do I as it goes. have a look at this: Coronavirus: False claims test kits for ‘Covid-19’ were sold in 2017 - BBC News

I copy and pasted a bit:

“According to the World Bank, the page was created in April 2020 to make it easier to find all of the previously existing products that are now being used for Covid-19 testing.”

I’m sure you’ll agree respiratory test kits and aids were used before covid, and because covid 19 is a respiratory illness similar existing test kits could be used because they were already available before the pandemic.

Barrack Obama was warning the world about a the possibility of a respiratory illness pandemic since 2007, and that we should prepare.

I’m not entertaining this “pandemic was planned” nonsense, Nature is all powerful and it can kill everyone on the planet at anytime, never forget that.

They just bucketed it under the year 2018 for … you know… fun, then relabelled the text after… for… you know… fun.

They wouldn’t lie to you, not one bit.

So you’re saying respiratory illnesses didn’t exist before 2019?

Nice twist. Don’t worry, they wouldn’t lie to you. They never have lied and never will. Don’t worry about it.

In terms of the pandemic and how it happened, no they did not lie.

Of course not. How’s the nudge unit? Remember those models that didn’t factor in negative effects of their policies? Yeah couldn’t have that.

That’s literally how all money works. USD isn’t backed by anything. Gold may have intrinsic value because of it’s technical applications, but the value is 90% monetary premium, faith that others will exchange it for you for food or work.

The volatility comes from it’s rapid value increases because more people start to trust it and want to have some and people speculating on that. It overshoots and corrects again. We have seen this many times now and Bitcoin isn’t the only asset that happened.

May be true for most people, but on the other hand I don’t care what they are doing, I trust it because I know how it works and it’s not that difficult to understand.

Most are probably not investing from a rational position, but you can have a rational position to invest in Bitcoin.

That makes zero sense

If you think that covid was somehow planed or even fake, it’s not enough to just point to the politicians and say they lie, so they constructed that.

You also have to assume that countless scientists and experts about infectious diseases are in on the plot and for some reason for two whole years they just produced garbage research all over the world even though they are not necessarily connected with each other.

Then you also have to assume that countless medical staff and physicians who swore an oath to not do harm, also all over the world where somehow in on the plot and deliberately misdiagnosed patients, applied false treatments, forged documents about fake viruses and looked the other way when people died left and right from the vaccine.

All this to what end exactly? To collapse the economy? So we are all poor and then what? So they can force feed us garbage and disown us with the result that the infrastructure and wealth generating economy they themselves depend on and heavily profit from collapses?

It just makes all zero sense.

I know this was a huge straw man.

But along this lines go the arguments I have been hearing from libertarians for the last two years and it’s just ■■■■■■■ ridiculous.

Somehow in their world view the government can be at the same time extremely inefficient and lazy money burning machine that produces no value, and at the same time they can easily orchestrate a global charade about a fictitious virus that causes heavy collateral damage to the economy that benefits absolutely no one.

Did some governments have completely ridiculous and over the top responses to the crisis? Sure. But that doesn’t mean they are behind it. That just means they are the incompetent fools they always are.

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