The Rise and Fall in Bitcoin Value

You are free to do what you like but didn’t you claim any crypto outside of BTC was a scam?
Maybe with lightning support those NFT’s aren’t suddenly scams anymore, but that’s why I ask.

More like “Isle of Man” anti-social company sponsors soccer team to make sure no money is laundered in football. :smiley: I can’t wait to read about the next episodes…
'It has agreed a multi-year partnership with Isle of Man-based CoinCorner, which will also be its back-of-shirt sponsors. ’
There is no advantage to convert money they have to BTC to then spend it on drinks/food/merchandise. So … what is the hidden move… I bet we will hear about that club more in the future…

Earn BTC in nicehas? Well, their parents or the community will pay for their electricity? If not, let me know how they make it profitable, Karak said it wasn’t…

:smiley: It’s smarter to do that than to move his accounting to the Isle of Man and go to jail. The Bitcoin investment thing is new to law enforcement. Less money for the NHS, longer waiting lines for patients. You guys keep digging for gold, just be careful what you give up for your anarcho-capitalist utopia.

It’s a physical card with an NFC (Near-Field Communication) chip, not NFT, lol. You can use it to pay Lightning invoices by tapping the card on the payment terminal or mobile wallet if they supports that.

This isn’t super secure, just like NFC payments with other debit cards you can just limit the amount it can charge.

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Oxford is actually the home of one of the most popular Universities in the country and they have a standard to maintain. It looks like Coincorner is prepared to sponsor them to help bring more talent to the club and try to enter the premier league.

I don’t study UK football as much as I used to but I can see it is still serious business with many premier league players earning a good £3 million a year, A lower league football team can break into the premiership league with the right sponsors.

You seem to have a low opinion of anyone involved in BTC and immediately label them as crooks, what’s odd is that you barely understand BTC yourself so I have no idea how you arrive at these conclusions.

I would have thought all smart phones have a feature to toggle NFC on/off by now.

Yeah I can actually read and write the card with my smartphone. All it basically does is store an url or small piece of text the smartphone or terminal then reads if you tap it.

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Maybe you should google football? OMG! There are so many BTC haters out there! Don’t think this is a “BTC bad” thing, this is a "Ah finally, I was wondering how it took so long for two scams to unite in one big one. Let me paraphrase it, if I am a gun safety expert, you are someone saying “All these safety rules are imposed by gun haters.”

Ok, this hill is done, find another one.

I’m sorry, I misread that. lol.

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Don’t worry, NFC cards have 100% fraud insurance coverage. Well, if you are your own payment processor I assume you are insured. Again, for personal use only this isn’t bad, you take your own calculated risks. Good for small personal projects, not scalable business wise.

And also that video… Anon comes in gets recorded by the video camera. Cool that he can use a BTC card but then again, it’s not something that’s usefull.

I keep looking for comparisons… That card is the “videodisc”. There I think the comparison is not bad, it’s something no one needed and a small amount of people who are stuck with some crypto can use it to pay with it. Does it do all crypto or how and when does it “money exchange” ?

So the Oxford City football manager is a crook just because you posted 2 links to corruption in football?, Now you’re getting silly, Is it really okay to call someone a crook with no evidence?

Wow, you really dislike BTC and anyone involved. Warren Buffet has had a massive influence on your opinion.

See, you’re too caught up in your dislike to notice what’s being said, and you are unaware of features on your phone.

See, you’re too caught up in your dislike of my awesome posts to notice I disabled NFC on my phone. lol

Is it really ok to call victims of crypto scams “greedy” with ample evidence they were just easy victims? Probably not. The over-commercialization of football is horrible and a scam.
I defend victims, you defend ancap extremists. That’s ok, we both have people we fight for.

Yes, they didn’t understand what they were investing in and only saw it was possible to double or triple their money. That is greed. Nowhere on earth can you earn 20% interest, even my mechanic who has never been an investor knows that.

You seem unhappy that you can’t control what people do and you attempt to make them feel bad just because they do things differently from you. Money and Finance was destined to change and with the rise of computing over the last 30 years it makes sense that a digital currency would be created. It’s 2022 Aedaxus not 1952.

Yeah I also run my own insurance…

I do think the card is a gimmick, I think I will configure it to receive payments, much better :slight_smile:

The whole point of this is that it uses the lightning network as payment rails instead of one of the established credit card networks. The coincorner app has a function that converts automatically (similar to what Strike does), so you can have a fiat balance on your account and pay with this, don’t need to hold crypto. Bitcoin is only used to transport value over the wire.

Yeah, it’s not interesting for you. But it may be interesting for the merchant, because there is no fee on his side, while he has to pay fees on the credit card networks.

Also it’s an open standard, so everyone can create an app or payment service on top of this rails with whatever features you want, including insurance. But this time, it’s a free market and not a duopoly

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What is the difference in risk? Because Lightning is probably the best thing ever ~wow~ but when someone says “Hi, this is a free service! Replacing a very costly service” I generally have my doubts. You know, I like to buy free real estate for 0 EUR but is it something that can be trusted? And I don’t mean “It’s open source so you can check the code” kinda trust, I mean the price a payment network charges is to make sure the payment is processed correctly and not “Well we did process some payments, then we shut down for a week, if you don’t like it, we’ll refund you your 0 EUR rofl. Hey man, you chose this! You knew the risks” kinda answer.

This is payment processing not penny stocks.

Many smaller retailers in the UK charge £0.60 on top of the transaction if you are paying by debit card, or the transaction has to be over £5 in total for the retailer to waiver the extra charge. This might be good for small retailers in UK.

You probably won’t understand if it was explained to you as you were quick to label that football manager as a crook when he is just working with the same company CoinCorner that Karak purchased the lightning debit type cards from.

The retailer would know at the time of transaction if the payment has gone through, if there were problems or the lightning network was offline for any reason the retailer can just request Visa or cash, what’s so wrong with a retailer trying to save a few pence on each of the hundreds of transactions they do daily?

Imagine a retailer can save £0.05 on every transaction and they do 300 to 400 transactions a day, can you not see there is a small fortune sitting there? A retailer who gives CoinCorner/Ligtning a trial isn’t doing anything wrong.


The payee has a small fee for the liquidity providers along the route. It’s not entirely free. Well it is for the merchant. The question is therefor why is it so cheap, isn’t it?

It’s simply because of more automation, like it pretty much always is when you can do the same thing with less people involved.

The credit card system and banks they connect have a lot of costs just to run this system and all the administration around it. Think of all the servers, buildings and people all around the world they have to pay to be functional. Bitcoin and LN solves all the money and transaction stuff completely in the protocol, there is no human involved. Running simple nodes to access the network are cheap and easy to maintain, so the only significant cost the network has is liquidity on the LN layer and the miners on the base layer, who secure the ledger history, both are payed by respective transaction costs.

A payment over LN is instant and final. When the merchant saw the green check on the payment terminal the Bitcoin where received in his wallet.

The credit card system has a lot more work to do when you leave the shop, and yes, you pay for that, because the merchant charges you more to cover this costs.



They probably have a percentage based cost on top of that and that doesn’t cover the cost when it is below 5 bucks.

Very interesting, because I have seen companies only accepting debit or credit cards above a minimal amount as well around here and suspected they have base fee like that.

Yeah this problem would definitely go away with LN.