The sale was hindered by members can delete

+Positiv wallet
+many assets (surprise)
+Location in Jita

Skillbooks for Caps and Rorqual insert only learn to fly no extra cost
Give me offers for direkt sell
or take the chance and bid to the auction

5b offer.

Sry Not enough

16h left make your offers or give your bids for the auction for ASK or so can you write Koalachan a massage

Why scamm

Klick on the Link myfriend and you will See its my Second char Lucy koala and Koalachan thats my chars Vorrecht Lucy koala is your char

Hi guys

Just wanted to inform the potencial buyer that this char get an active mercenary contract due to betraying his old corp

I made the 2nd entry regarding Koalachan on my cell phone. But well I’m not a scam, I don’t risk my accounts because of a player who can’t wait. I’ll send you the isk back and you’re done.

your money is back have a nice day.

The player accused me of fraud and therefore got the money back. Seller cancels the sale

Info for the support

6 bill offer


I don’t think so

Betaster is not from me


the offer of 6 bill is on the table

then clear the table

the sell is canceled

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