The Sanctity Proclamation - War for Purity

The Sanctity Proclamation

For years our faith has been tested by apostates, and we have endured many setbacks. Through all these hardships we have sustained our struggle against those who would seek to corrupt the foundation of our Glorious Empire by holding true to our faith in God. Our refusal to stray from scripture and tradition alike have forged us and tempered us, making our faith unbreakable. Thus the Reclaimer Cardinalate, alongside our pledged faithful brothers and sisters continue our righteous crusade against the Udorian Pretender.

"The Lord loosed upon them his fierce anger
All of his fury and rage.
He dispatched against them a band of Avenging Angels"

The Scriptures, Book II, Apocalypse 10:1"

We righteous few have burned away our sin, our Purity will forever shine for all wayward souls to seek out, so they too may cleanse themselves. It will forever be written, that this day the Reclaimer Cardinalate has brought forth a Proclamation to ensure the victory of all servants of God. Let it be known that all who continue their support of the false throne will be seen as heretical blasphemers of God’s Scripture, and forever enemies of the True Amarrian Throne.

"There will be neither compassion nor mercy;
Nor peace, nor solace
For those who bear witness to these Signs
And still do not believe."

The Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming 25:10

Always, we stand unwavering in our convictions against all deemed unable to rule with god’s favor. With this proclamation births a crusade, against all who would seek refuge under the holdings of the Tash-Murkon heretics. Abandon their worlds, and holdings. Seek out not their favor, but redemption for your foolish path, for God’s wrath awaits all who do not heed these words.

"To know the true path, but yet, to never follow it. That is possibly the gravest sin"

The Scriptures, Book of Missions 13:21

The path of the Pretender has brought untold suffering and turmoil to God’s children. We witness the blight of blood touching the very core of our Empire, from Anath to Thebeka thousands of faithful slaughtered to a false faith. We witness the blatant attempts of subjects to expand their borders. We witness the heathen continue their attempts to wedge our Empire in two.

I’ve watched in mere years the faith of devoted followers fall through their fingers as if it were sand. For this I shed a tear, and know, this has been brought forth by the weak, blasphemous blood of one fallacious claim.

We urge our brothers and sisters who hold true to Scripture to rise. Bear a torch for all to see, so you to may save the empire, burn the sickness out with God’s holy fire. Return to God!



I can’t wait to meet you!


I flatly refuse to read so many words from the likes of you.


Not surprising for a heathen.

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Well, least your doing one service to your late empress… I know who I’ll be focusing on shooting when you and actual Amarr loyalists are on the field. Rather not have my combat records sullied with your name gracing anything but red.


Somebody seems a bit salty.


My standings with the Tash-Murkon family approach perfection and I simply could not be more overjoyed at Her Majesty’s ascension.

Pity about the suicide thing, though; tad barbaric, really.

But now is a happy time. I sincerely hope - perhaps I might even find a small shrine and pray - that this pragmatic, enterprising dynasty forges ever stronger ties with our innovative and industrious State allies.

You righteous few have lost. You lost. Repeatedly. You lost the Amarr Championships/the Succession Trials repeatedly against the “pretenderess”. Your backwardness and incompetence lost against Catiz’ will to overcome any hurdles thrown into her way. You lost. You lost under God’s watchful eyes as God presided over the ancient ritual of the Succession Trials. You lost. Now shut up and grovel back into your cave.

The path of the “pretenderess” has brought stability and continued prosperity to God’s Children. She continues on the path that Jamyl I set in motion; a path that advances the Empire into a better future for all.

You talk about the true path, yet you deny it, you reject it, you commit the greatest sin by ever talking about your warped and distorted delusions. You are the gravest sinner.


I’m sorry, but who ?

Cardinalate. The cardinal—or principle—latte.

Clearly, he’s on about some very important coffee.


Oh that’s perfectly cromulent then.

I am positively surprised Mr. Ardishapur has managed to give us such a speech. Yet, I’ll avoid for now to engage him on that, considering how he turned out our last discussion. And leave theological talks to Imperials, since I know about Scriptures little to none.

Instead, I’d like to point out, that…

I freaking LOVE to see two different enemies fighting!

And, you know what, if I’ll be watching this fun thing as a spectator, I honestly will be rooting for Mr. Ardishapur. I also hope our Imperial allies will follow my mood despite how much they would love to see Ilan’s head on a pike: just because however fanatical, heretical and irrational you can be, you’ll never be as disgusting as traitors.

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I may be mistaken here, However I believe that heresy is treated far worse in the empire then what you would likely consider average treason, as Heresy is treason of their faith. As such, Mr. Ardishapur here is amongst the the very worst, worse even than the Galente in your view.


It’s one thing to be a fool, grab a weapon and fight against the system, but to grab a weapon and join enemies who are fighting against your home is something different and way more disgusting…

The embattled servants of the Pretender met the soldiers of God upon the field of battle. Our forces outnumbered, still heathens and heretics alike fought among themselves and fell before God’s righteous warriors.

Become thralls of the False Throne no longer. Reclaim your souls and you will be spared.


Translation: They were in a 4-way fight with us, the Minmatar, and some pirates. They managed to get a couple shots off at some people who went down from the crossfire between the four groups before they were wiped out.


Also I got a lot of killmails.

Just throwing that out there.

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You’re welcome, Lord Consort.

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Pirates had better targets which were higher priority… Also still mad I share a kill mail with that… It.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Nobody’s going to think you’re friends with them.

It’s clearly obvious just by hearing them speak that they have no friends.

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