The Scope Announces Creation of Clandestine Investigations Desk (The CI Desk)


The Scope Announces Creation of Clandestine Investigations Desk (The CI Desk)


The Scope, the premier news organization within the universe of New Eden, is pleased to announce the establishment of The Clandestine Investigations Desk (The CI Desk). Dedicated to uncovering the hidden truths and dark undercurrents that shape the destiny of nations and empires, The CI Desk will serve as a beacon of transparency and accountability in a universe rife with secrecy and deception.

About The CI Desk:

The CI Desk is a specialized entity within The Scope News focused on espionage, cyber warfare, hacking, data security breaches, and covert operations throughout New Eden and beyond. Comprised of a team of seasoned investigative journalists and digital sleuths, The CI Desk will operate at the forefront of investigative reporting, delving deep into the shadows where layers of subterfuge and misinformation often obscure truth.

Led by a Lead Investigative Reporter, The CI Desk will uncover the clandestine activities of individuals, corporations, and organizations across New Eden, shedding light on the covert machinations that shape the destiny of nations and empires. With unwavering dedication and relentless determination, The CI Desk will fearlessly expose the secrets that lurk beneath the surface, empowering citizens to make informed decisions and demand accountability from those in power.

Lead Investigative Reporter Position:

The Scope is currently seeking internal candidates to be identified as the Lead Investigative Reporter for The CI Desk. This individual will lead the investigative journalists and digital sleuths in uncovering the truth behind covert operations, cyber warfare, hacking, data security breaches, and other clandestine activities within New Eden.

Qualified candidates must possess a proven track record of investigative journalism, exceptional analytical skills, and a deep understanding of the complexities of espionage and cyber warfare. The ideal candidate will demonstrate a relentless commitment to truth-seeking and a fearless determination to confront corruption and deception wherever it may be hidden.

Statement from The Scope:

β€œWe are excited to announce the creation of The CI Desk and the search for our Lead Investigative Reporter,” said Herirlier Allerchel, CEO of The Scope. β€œAt The Scope, we believe in the power of investigative journalism to hold the powerful to account and to shine a light on the darkest corners of New Eden. We look forward to assembling a team of dedicated journalists who share our commitment to uncovering the truth and empowering citizens to demand transparency and accountability.”



Ms. Cipher:

I assume the role of Lead Investigative Reporter will ultimately fall to you, considering your name is already listed as CEO for this newly created organization. I am certain whatever deal you have struck with The Scope will be beneficial for both parties involved.

Let me be the first to offer my sincerest congratulations and best wishes.

With Kind Regards,

CEO, Nexus Vanguard Syndicate (NVSSN)