The skillpoint cap is way too high (New player retention/Quality of life)

Every Game you have to grind some sort of a THING to get that new gun new plane new tank or next level of newt

BUT granted 20 to 40yr to learn all skills dang Captain I just can’t give it any more.

Then come the social paths with there usual hate filled negativity, come on everyone he was merely stating that 20+ years is a long time and maybe this should be shortened a little for low attention players CCP seems to be wanting to join. But hate if you must saves you acting on your urges in RL.


Heh no one wants full level 5 on everything in the game… I have maxed out characters for specific roles (and sold them for billions) in as little as 2 years. I don’t do that anymore (can’t ever spend my ISK) so I just skill anything on my current main, which basically is an endgame character.

It is a long time, nobody is saying otherwise.

CCP never anticipated that some players would try to fly everything and do everything with only one character; alt specialisation is more efficient for those of us that don’t wish to do that.

It’s not sociopathy to point out that the game systems weren’t designed with players training everything on one character in mind. Alts are a clear pointer to that.

same now I train 4 skills over and over and farm injectors I too have too much isk " willing to double in Jita if any one wants"

so CCP made there own isk sink with injectors as so many farm skills instead of mission or mine meh CCP just dont understand there own game like most coders

because im running out of things? my skill que is nothing but lvl 5 skills, its a celebration when i hear “skill training completed”

Well of course CCP should deemphasize skills, but they are still necessary if a player wants to max out the performance of ships of modules. More importantly it’s necessary if a player wishes to move on to other ship types in the game. Sometimes becoming proficient in a new ship can take well over a month to accomplish and that’s quite a long time for most people.

Skills are not of the greatest importance, but it would be a great benefit to get the overall training times down.

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Perhaps not, but the shear amount of time required overall slows down the player’s progress in the game.

If CCP can reduce the skill cap to something more reasonable like 5 to 10 years while simultaneously shrinking the overall training times it would go a long way towards improving the the overall player progression in EVE.

Skill points certainly aren’t everything, but reducing the overall training time will most certainly help to make the game more enjoyable and increase the retention of new players.

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This is exactly the point. That is also the primary issue with speeding up training times I think ccp has it in a decent spot out side of the 3-6 month training times some things take.

In my opinion someone should be able to start the game, and fully max out a ship and all its subsystems, support skills, etc inside of 3 months.

I also dont really agree with “Step progression” Ie, going from Assault > Heavy Assault because of the way skills seem to support it.

Its the level 5 skills. the skills and how they increase from level 1 to 2, and so on are to extensive of time frames from 4 to 5. If eve had only 4 levels in the skill system, or the skills growed by a % of the previous levels xp not exceeding say 50%, or there was a way to artificially speed it up (like bonus skill points earned on killing, mining etc) it’d be better.

Injectors and extrators were a mistake and ccp should remove them. It can easy sell this in place of consumable boosters that can only be bought with real money, which will increase research rates.

They could even make it so that omega unlocks ships only, and remove the bonus research time in place of this. This would result in massive demand for those consumables effectively being both a balance (by ditching the abusive extractor/injectors) and increase to income.

Well of course it may act as a small incentive to continue to login, but how many active players stick around for that? Very few I would imagine. EVE is not skill queue online. Although the current skill systems allows for extended subscription times, the disincentive for a new player to stick with EVE due to long training times would outweigh that.

I heard recently there are about 18,000 unique people trying EVE every week and very few actually stay. Increasing the retention of those trying EVE is by far one of the most important things CCP could be focusing right now.

I believe reducing the skill cap and shrinking overall training times would certainly help with new player retention and make EVE more enjoyable overall. This benefits both new players and veterans alike.

I don’t think players should be forced to specialize. In forcing players to specialize you greatly increase the time it takes them to explore all the possibilities they might enjoy in the game. If it takes too long for new players to explore, find out what they like, and become proficient in it they may not want to stick around. Getting the skill cap down and shrinking overall training times will help with this.

Also, from my 10 years of experience in EVE you really don’t end up specializing. For the most part people tend to go from one activity, to another, and another. This specialization really doesn’t occur in EVE. Sure the skill system may be geared towards specialization, but most players don’t tend to do that so in reality it becomes a detriment to new and old players alike.

And who says we won’t have artificial neural networks in the future so we can easily draw upon the experience of others to perform various specialized tasks irl.

Most new players need to explore all the possibilities to an extent before really figure out what it is they enjoy the most. Reducing the skill cap and shrinking overall training times will help players do this so as to increase their enjoyment helping them to stay with EVE.

You first good sir (and YES I just assumed your gender)

It could be better.

In no way do I assume that.

And of those that try it we want more of them to stay.

If we significantly improve the retention of new players they may end up becoming the majority. The more people to interact with the better. Also, CCP getting more subscriptions helps with development making the game better for everyone more quickly.

I know one guy actually did that… at the cost of ~$28,000. And it’s not my actual goal to have all my skills to level V. My goal is to speed overall training times and increase new player retention.


My idea to reduce the skill cap and shrink the overall training times is basically just a quick bandage solution as it would be quicker to implement while CCP are in their live experimenting phase (“Chaos Era”).

I also think the “Step progression” system is pretty weird. Why wouldn’t skills that apply to flying a frigate not be synonymous with flying a destroyer or cruiser, ect.? The skill system in EVE needs a thorough look over really. EVE has had the same basic skill system since 2003 and while some minor things have changed, the overall system remains the same. I think it’s high time the skill system got a thorough rework. Everything is in place now to reimburse effected players and so a change now wouldn’t be too disruptive. This “Chaos Era” is the perfect time to rework it.

I’m not sure if you’ve been active in the game recently, but CCP has been giving out bonus SP for logging in on weekends. Also, just over the past few days there have been little bonuses to where if you killed a certain number of NPC’s you were given a number of SP. So, it does seem to me as if CCP are experimenting with these concepts to see their popularity as well as any potential effects.

Lowering the skill cap and shrinking training times has been in my head for quite some time, but now that CCP are entering an experimental (“Chaos Era”) phase I thought now would be a really good time to push the concept.

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Sorry to be pedantic but you said the opposite of what I think you mean. You meant to say:

“Some try it, most never will and probably couldn’t care less.”

I’d definitely like to see skill training speed increased or at the very least have the amount of skill points per level reduced.

I’ve got over 216 mill SP’s trained within 11 years time, had skills training for most of that time with full set of +5 Attribute Implants. Even with those implants, training up skills still takes a long time to complete. And there’s still a lot of skills left I’d like to get trained.

Thats why skills go from 1 to 5

You think they need to explore HACs and Carriers to see if they want them?


Well, I’m close to running out of sub-cap skills to train so yeah, I’d like to explore Capital ships.

As you like to remind me, you arent a new player, which is what I was responding to, thats all.

True, but I’d still like to explore Cap ships

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New players need few skill points to start doing combat.
The current skill system allows long term players.
To continue to use in the skill system.

When this game started years ago, the skill system was designed to promote long term play, which was great. However nowadays it doesn’t work so good at retaining players.

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Me too, but the ones I own have only ever been used as cargo transporters as I have no support in place to use them in any other way.

ED is introducing their own Carriers soon as mobile stations. That sounds far more interesting.

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