"The socket was closed" fix

Do you have any latency issues as you live in Sweeden and use USA nodes for exit? As an alternative why not just use UK nodes as the EVE server is there too?

Have same problem since march update i always get DC if im in Pos but in space never gets DC. ccp said the problem is in my side. how i get DC in pos but never in space is mind boggling and help channel does not help

Without VPN i have same Problems.

Been getting Socket Closed message regularly for the last couple days, ran a few tests and it keeps coming up that CCP is having server issues. Opened a ticket and got the usual bs answer saying its on my side when even their own diagnostic program says its on their end.
Almost to the point of dropping EVE and going to something else cause they obviously screwed the programming back in 2015 and never fixed it.

It’s pretty bad. Leaving busy grids like after destroying a citadel has a 100% repro of the issue. GM couldn’t help me either, just threw a copy pasta at me

Same problem, even with VPN.

Continuing to have the same problem. While there may be a connection component to it I believe there is also something game related. Disconnects are note random and do not affect multiple sessions running on the same computer. I can almost guarantee a disconnect when completing one of the larger anomaly sights on one or two of my characters running them. CCP please look at this seriously rather than simply giving your stock ‘nothing to do with us answer’.

I have the same issue.
please see the attached screen shot:

is any one know what is the reason for time out?

Hm, same tracerout