The state of taxation

The state of Taxation in Europe among other places is out of control?

If you own property you have to pay tax
If you work you have to pay tax
If you purchase something you have to pay tax

What is the purpose of these taxes?

Property tax, income tax, and sales tax are quite common in the US at municipal, state & federal, and municipal levels respectively.

To provide you with affordable services like infrastructure, road maintenance, hospitals, public schools, city management, streetlights, public housing, parks, recreation, cultural aspects, garbage collection, tapwater, utilities. If you would not pay taxes, you’d have to pay for all of these things yourself a lot more than you currently do.

Just a funny anecdote: Here in Germany, we have mandatory private contributions when communities decide to improve/expand/otherwise do something major to the road where your house resides on. People always become really desperate and distraught when the community sends them a bill over several thousands to tens of thousands of euro for these works. In some cases these bills are faulty and maybe even unjustified, but without taxes, you’d have to pay even more than that for necessary road works.

Taxes (ideally) are collected from the entire society to provide the society with essential and some leisure and comfort services.

Why isn’t everything funded by taxes?

Could be worse op. COuld in a states like virginia. they tax luxury cars. On any cars. even the daily work driver since unless loaded, you aren’ living withing 45 minutes of where you work. so the car you need to get to work to make money is a luxury to be taxed

To let you know who’s boss.

They don’t know Simplicity. They love to make everything difficult so they can feel intelligent.
Look at the law books. Thousands of pages wasted when they can simply write a law book with things we can do, it wouldn’t take 100 pages.