The Svarog Clade - Testing us?

In my descents into the Abyss, I’ve started to notice some very interesting patterns to the actions of its inhabitants. While the Drifters seem trapped in a violent frontline, and the Drones are living their best life, the Triglavians themselves exhibit some interesting behaviors - namely, the Svarog Clade.

The Perun Clade fields standard Damaviks and Vedmaks in their operations, and the Veles Clade makes ample use of drones controlled by their individual “Vila” ships - but the Svarog Clade exclusively fields their dangerous Leshak sorties, which have a very strange feature of being completely barebones-fit, pushed deep into hull before we land, at which time they begin to repair - but not before we arrive.

My only explanation here would be that they are testing us in some way, as fleets of fully operational Leshaks would be expected to tear nearly any cruiser apart - instead, they pose a challenge to us and allow us a chance to pass. It is also mentioned in the data displayed by CONCORD that they are the most combat oriented of the Clades, and are the most open to exploring new possibilities.

Whether they consider us a new possibility is a question that remains to be answered - and CONCORD’s fear of subornation (or sobonost, rather?) of Capsuleers by the Triglavians could potentially be a sign of things yet to come.



Sir? Don’t, please, don’t assume this. This is usually the way of it, but it’s no iron-clad rule.

I’ve found at least one place where there were four Leshaks, all with about 30% armor, and to make matters worse there was a Restoring Leshak on the field. I lost a Zealot in that engagement.

(Ancillary reps in the Abyss: don’t do it, pilots. They’re not dependable enough if you can’t greatly reduce the incoming fire, and Triglavian ships do really well at keeping their damage up even as their numbers go down. That’s disintegrators for you.)


The point I’m trying to highlight is that they don’t begin repairing each other until we land on the field - it’s an odd thing.


There are other oddities. Such as how the “Vila” class vessels will occasionally lose their drones to their own Deviant Automata Suppressors.

I suspect that the Triglavian Collective may not be as much of a collective as previously thought. Perhaps there is some animosity among the clades - some disagreement that expands over into petty, indirect quarrels. Quite the dangerous game to play, given Drifter and Rogue Drone invasion.


Given their demonstrated behavior, I think it’s less likely ‘animosity’ and more ‘competition’. They strive against one another in order to improve themselves, maybe.

Also: yes, they’re testing us. The whole thing is blatantly a skinner box design, built around performance trials. It’s probably how they test out their own ship designs, too.


It is an odd thing, yes, sir.

The reason I felt the need to give the warning I did is that the “barebones-fit” isn’t fully reliable-- the usual solution to the test, if it’s a test, can’t be depended on. They can’t always be disposed of by hitting them hard and immediately, which is the usual solution; sometimes a long fight can’t be avoided.


No I don’t believe this if you took a closer look at all battleship sized entities within abyssal space they all except the the drone ones exhibit similar patterns of damage

The lucid deepwatcher and drifter battleships have somewhat similar degree of dmg inflicted.

I believe the leshaks,deepwatchers and drifter bss are forced to go through the crushing abyssal environment outside to get to the front lines.

Their higher hitpoints being the only reason they can make it smaller vessels can use the filament system.

The question is why aren’t the drones damaged?

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There is no way the Triglavians do not have the capacity to send their battleships through their own facilities without damage. If they couldn’t do that, they wouldn’t use those ships. How often do you undock with a ship that can’t fit through the undock?


But maybe the infrastructure just doesn’t allow it so they are forced to do it to match the drifters.
Given their superior over shield the drifters may be using it and damaging those systems on board their ships just to get in despite knowing they can’t function properly anymore.
Knowing they can remote repair once inside the leshak are trying to even out the fight.

Why else would they fit remote repairs on all their leshak why not fit all neuts.They know they’ll arrive damaged

The lucid deepwatchers are also fitted with local reps and remote reps the drifters are well aware of this issue too

I feel the drifters are sending in their best ships straight through the crushing abyss knowing they’ll make it once there they open wormholes for the seekers sleeper cruisers and frigates everything else has to make it through the outside environment

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If the infrastructure doesn’t allow it, they’d improve the infrastructure. Again: how often do you use a ship that can’t fit out the undock? If the gate can’t handle the mass, how are all of the ships going to be damaged in exactly the same way that doesn’t actually affect their combat systems?

The stresses would be different from ship to ship. Differences in the construction at the smallest scales, differences in the conditions of space around the ship when it tried, all of it would amount to differences in how those stresses impact the ships. Ignore the structural integrity ratings. Systems should be affected. Weapons should fail. We should see Leshak hulks drifting lifeless after the containment on their powerplant failed.

If you’re testing how the subject responds to different conditions, why would you fit with all neuts? That limits your testing. It limits the number of different conditions you’re testing under.

And the Drifters don’t open wormholes with their battleships. They use large structures to open a wormhole at the point between those structures. So no, they’re not sending battleships in to open wormholes for the seekers. We don’t know how they’re getting the various sizes of ship or Sleeper into the Abyss, but given what we’ve seen of how they run their wormhole connections, we can pretty well rule that out.


You talk a lot of crap honestly if we can’t safely get ships heavier than battleships inside then it’s clear neither can they.The level of damage is same all the time except in pockets that affect armor or shield effective hit point count.

No one expends resources on the scale of a full out war for testing

Also the last jove cruiser the soct archon Veniel was documented to have boarded opened a wormhole.


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Are you a moron or something? Why would you ever assume they labor under the same limitations we do? The differences in technology are blatant and demonstrable.

We do for fuckin’ entertainment purposes, and you have absolutely no idea what kind of resource pool they have to draw on. We have no idea whatsoever if what is seen here is their entire military complex or merely a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent of their output.

You are making an asston of assumptions here and got nothing to base any of them on.


Yea I do its a frontline not an amusement park both parties are fighting to win . The singularity engine is Talocan but the triglavian collective are not they just copied it.

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A front line in what war? What aggressive move have they made that requires an armed response? You’re going in because you choose to. You were told to.

And you have no idea if the Triglavians’ controlled singularity is a ‘copy’ of Talocan tech, or a continuation of it… or even completely unrelated. The first person on Matar to pick up a rock wasn’t copying any Amarr rock-chucker.

Yes, a modern Jove cruiser. The Drifters aren’t modern Jovians. It’s not unreasonable to expect that the Jove who weren’t stuck in enclaves since before the collapse of the Second Empire might have improved their tech slightly.

And you have no idea if the amount of resources they’re expending compare to their full economy. Is what we’re seeing an economy on a full war footing… or a mindclash league?

We don’t know. You’re making assumptions. Stop making assumptions. They only build in biases that will cause errors later.


Funky kind of frontline. Strict arena like progressions, ritualistic and rote scenarios, oh and the “frontline” is somewhere nebulous and requires tunneling through whateverthefuckspace to get there. That’s not a frontline by any definition.

I’ll have to go ahead and call ‘moron’, because you’re making a lot of claims you have no basis for. Just sling guesswork like everyone else, because it’s quite literally the only thing that can be done at this point. There quite simply isn’t enough firm facts to work with.


If it were a continuation we’d all be dead the moment we meet a true Talocan ship.
As for frontline unless you’re blind the drifters and the trigs are at war the pockets we traverse are a defence perimeter most likely the outermost layer

As for that jove cruiser it was godamn ancient try to absorb the information you read in the lore next time

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I’ll just leave you kids to your narrow minded views,also read the lore that’s If you know how to read.

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The Drifters and Trigs appear to be engaged in a conflict. Neither side seems to have any difficulty replacing their losses. Neither side, so far as we’ve seen, has made any incursion into the other’s rear echelon, their actual home regions where the production’s done.

There’s a few possible reasons why we haven’t seen that. Maybe they’re not actually at war. Maybe they’re conducting live-fire exercises and testing. Neither side’s communicated with us, so we have no hard data there. But you know what the biggest reason we haven’t seen it? The one we know is true?

Because we have no idea where either side’s home production areas / rear echelon are.


You are making a whole lot of assumptions about a very complicated situation about which we have next to no information. We certainly don’t have enough to go drawing conclusions or thinking we have the first clue how these two groups are interacting.

The oldest ships of the Jovian Directorate are centuries newer than the Drifters’ last estimated time ‘awake’.


Could it be that our (forcefully) entry into the abyssal pockets creates a sort of cataclysmic event that damages certain ships in the area when we enter? After all the filaments we use a highly unstable so they may even have conesquences for other ships than our own. This could explain why they don’t start acting before we land, because before that they are perfectly fine.

The ships that appeared damaged are the Leshaks, and Drifter Battleships and Cruiser. It’s safe to assume that these 3 classes all carry complex technology, and since the Vedmak and Damaviks aren’t touched by this, there must be a connection to size as well. Likewise sleeper and drone battleships aren’t touched either so their simpler technology may leave them untouched.

The exact factors that determines this is still unknown. It could be their energy signature. After all we know that the Leshak carries a massive energy source, but that would mean that the drifter cruiser carries an energy signature that is greater than both the Vedmak and the sleeper and drone battleships.


It’s an interesting thought, Mizhir, but … uh, actually I usually do find Lucid Deepwatchers (Sleeper battleships) damaged-- and thank the gods for that; Overminds, seriously, are bad enough. A fully-armored Deepwatcher would take forever to kill.

What about the Overminds would keep them from being affected, I wonder?