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The Tavern is a 0.0 based Corporation, we have recently moved alliances, and as such we are recruiting new pilots to join the corp.

What we are looking for:

EU/US timezone players (or simlar tz)

What we offer:

*Corporation Projects
*Incentives to pvp and help each other
*multi-game community

  • 0.0 PvP roams/ops
  • 0.0 Ratting/Mining
  • Family and RL friendly
  • Corp/Alliance logistics
  • New pilot friendly
  • SRP
  • TeamSpeak/forums

What we expect of/from a new member:

  • Be able to interact with members respectfully on ts/forums/in game
  • Have at least 8mil+ SP in PVP focused skills (this will be API checked)
  • Be active as much as you can (however, we do play other games aswell, we are a multi-game community)
  • Have at least a good basic knowledge on how to fit a ship for PvP/PvE (if your don’t know we can teach you)
  • Be a Team Player
  • Be a mature player as TeamSpeak is not always child friendly. (if you have got kids, use headphones)
  • All players must be willing to PVP at a moment notice and participate in CTA, OPs and Home Defense Fleets
  • Be at least self-sufficient on matters of ISK making (however, we do train and help, and have corp projects to help you build your dream ships)
  • Full API key for background and security checks

If Interested please contact myself, Alex Dagonn, or go to for details for our discord and community


40M SP Fairly New to game looking for corp
54M Returning player LF corp for Casuals (Mining/Ratting/Indy) [Found]
32 mill sp toon looking for null/lowsec home
2x 100 mil sp chars looking for a uk based corp anywere
28m SP Returning Player looking for a corp
Returning to game, looking for PVP
Looking for Null sec Corp (PVP player, 100mil SP)
Returning Player (114M SP) Looking for Nullsec Corp
120mill sp toon looking for home
124m SP OC PvP T2/T3 + Logi Nullsec Lowsec FW OK
125m SP Galente old timer
215 million SP player
130m SP Player + other alts returning to the game
128mil SP Returning Player looking for a home (PvP toons)
74 mil SP character looking for a new home
40mil sp semi new player looking for a nul or low sec corp
Returning 148m SP player, looking for a new home
85m SP Null-bear with JF/Indy Alt Corp
120 mill sp character looking for a new home
78M + 45M B-tier video guy looging for new adventures
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Daily bump

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Recruitment is open!!!

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Recruitment is open!!

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recruitment is open

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Still recruiting!!!

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Still recruiting!!

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still recruiting!!!

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still recruiting!!!

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Join a awesome Corp…

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still recruiting!!!

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Recruitment is open!!!

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recruitment is closed atm feell free however to join The Flagon.!!!

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