The Time Has Come

But I must cut this fine and elogant affair short…piracy never sleeps ya know…rather a savvy comment, if I do say so myself…YAR!

Piracy is a baby always wanting her bottle of milk…insatiable little beast.
Her cry for gems and coin beckons all pirates to the sea,
That insatiable little beast, me little girl, piracy.
Drink up me hearties.

Upon our sails, the symbol of the White Seagull, darkest, noir black, sails.

Both factions be warned of the marauding Seagull. Tossed from your governments for not giving the formed fleets the sites they wanted. a Seagull for getting points.

Beware the cry of the Seagull, as she follows the cry of the insatiable infant girl.

Stay thirsty my friends and lets exact Havoc upon them.

Are you cosplaying as a pirate now? You remind me more of Pintel or Ragetti rather than Jack.

explain please

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