The Time Of Ineffectual Leadership In The State Is Over

However large respect I have to our Hero and Former State Executor Tibus Heth, I am not going to tolerate any sort of attack on Caldari State, Caldari State authorities or any Caldari State personnel.

There is one greatest truth: ONLY THE MERITED SHALL RULE.

If you think if you are better than our Glorious Leaders, better than our called by you “greed” CEOs, how comes it’s them who rule us and not you? If you aren’t among them it simply means you aren’t merited enough for these positions. You aren’t even taking a position of a Megacorporate vice-CEO or otherwise high position to pretend for higher ascension. So tell me, who gave you authority to downspeak our leaders, because otherwise your words seem lacking any merit, it’s just a negligible voice from the crowd rather than voice of authority that we do respect.

For once, I do wish our State to be united again. For the Strength is in the Unity.

However, I would like to remind you that Tibus Heth was appointed to his position by CEP, showing he had merit for that. Attack on the Armory Forge that led to it was almost bloodless conflict, because as being one of the best Caldari ever lived, Tibus Heth made everything possible to not spill Caldari blood!

On the other hand, those who have attacked the CEP spire on New Caldari Prime are nothing but banal bandits or terrorists. That’s not something Tibus Heth of provists would do! That sounds like a work of a lousy Gurista or some Gallente swines, who just love to blow up civilians.

I do have a vision of our State being united in face of the enemies. And that includes being united against those who dared to attack our CEP! Real Provists have returned to their duties when CPD was disbanded as Honorable and Loyal citizens. Those who remained “Provists” are not Provists at all. They’re just another sort of gurista, another sort of enemies of the State.

And we will deal with all the threats as we ought. As Caldari.

Glory to the State!


Wouldn’t Caldari tend toward cold, like ice? Blizzards? Cold Wind and all that? Fire’s just such an… Amarr thing.


Specifics I assume would be left to be determined by each union either by referendum among the workers or by appointment by a larger union syndicate.

The most obvious model to compare it to would be that of the Caldari Providence Directorate prior to the fall of Caldari Prime and the collapse of the Heth regime. The Vanguard would exist seperate of each megacorporation alongside the CEP and the State Peacekeepers.

In my opinion, the disadvantages of a planned economy do not outweigh the positives and would be too costly to coordinate and too foreign to the Caldari way of life. I believe in an equitable, free market economy with a few noteworthy exceptions; mostly industries key to the security of the state that don’t benefit from market differentiation or where time and resources would be wasted on parallel development. Vaccines and rare unrefined raw materials come to mind as possible candidates for nationalization, but the megacorporate market system would otherwise largely remain untouched.

Apparently the only thing Diana Kim likes to lick is plutocrat boots. The current realities of State “meritocracy” have no ties to Raata statism and have been largely corrupted by international capital to justify their exploitation of the working class and the Caldari people. Its one thing to grovel and spread their talking points for them if you can tell yourself ‘someday this boot will be mine!’ It’s another (significantly more pathetic) thing entirely to recognize that the governance of the Caldari State is completely inaccessible to most people following the Provist regime and to justify it by "well they must deserve it because thats the way things are."

You know with all the nationalistic rhetoric about the Caldari spirit and fighting against foreign imperialism with FIRE and STEEL I find it immensely funny that these supposide “patriots” start pearl clutching the moment the workers of the State apply that same rhetoric and action in service of their own self interests and material conditions. Everyone wants the Statesman to be bold and strong for the State so long as the worker isn’t allowed to determine what exactly it is that’s in the States best interests or how it should be executed.

What is FIRE and STEEL if not striking against those that have abandoned the working class, silenced those who have spoken out, and sold the State off to foreign empires in the name of unsustainable neoliberal economics?

let me lead the calamari

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For spreading of public slanders and obvious lies against officer of Caldari State, I challenge you to the duel, provided you have honor and courage behind you besides this pathetic attempt of an insult. You can choose the weapon you want, I fight both in person (planetside or in stations) or in capsule-operated ships.

Workers are not competent for that kind of decisions. Otherwise, they would have ascended already to the tops of the corporate ladders. Everyone must do their jobs, workers do theirs, managers do theirs. Making a scientist to operate an industrial facility and worker take political decisions is a gallente-grade degeneracy that has no place in civilized and efficient societies.

This is a manifestly foolish statement. How many workers are there in the Caldari State? How many of them ever have the opportunity to rise to the Megacorporate CEO level? And if one of those trillions of workers tested higher for critical thinking, business acumen, and every other requirement to run one of the Big Eight, do you think—for example—the Seituoda family would just say ‘oh, well, sure, we’ll let this nobody run the family business’? The upper echelons of Caldari society see oligarchic family groups that maintain their tight grip on power, just as if they were Amarr Heirs.

Children of the Megacorp CEOs receive an education more tailored to working as an upper-echelon executive than those at the bottom of the corporate ladder, right from the start. By the time the first aptitude tests can be taken, that early education has already skewed the results.


Said an Arrendiot. Ha-ha.

Great response… if you wanted to demonstrate you can’t even begin to refute the rest.

I casted pearls before the swines before, it didn’t help, why shall I bother again?

More evasion. Just admit you’re wrong. You’ll feel better.

Provism, at least the Provism pushed forth under Tibus Heth, is like a disease. Under the guiding principles of Provism saw the needless escalation of conflict and tension with the Gallente Federation. Under Provism saw the death of meritocracy - you only had merit if you did not question the Executor. Under Provism saw the attempted dissolution of the very foundation of our Caldari State. And under Provism, young State children looked up at the stars where above them blockades watched with guns pointed down at them - at the order of Heth; they saw the news of forces under the guiding principles of Heth’s Provism butcher Caldari who dared to organize against them. I saw firsthand the death of my fellow Ishukonites at the hands of Provist forces - on the Ishukone homeworld of all places. Provism is a disease. A malignant tumor that will be excised as it should.

If your vision of Provism is anything like that of the predecessor you idealize, then I will offer no reprieve. I will hunt you. I will not rest. I will not stop. Too many State lives have been taken or disrupted due to this corrupted ideology. No more. Never again.

For the State.


Personally, I always saw the Provist movement as a reaction to systemic social and economic conditions within the State. Provists, or something much like them will continue to arise so long as the material conditions of labour remain insufferable.

That being said, Ishukone addressed such issues (which is probably why they suffer much less social unrest to other Megas in the State). Then again, if the rumours are true Gariushi was a former Gurista and we tend to be pretty savvy types.

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Forgive me, but could you elucidate me on something?

Your Tribes have tribal leaders, do they not? Where do these leaders come from? I was under the assumption there were familial houses that produced this cast, but I admit I may very well be wrong. There is much about Minmatar tribal structure I don’t quite understand.

Likewise, I had the impression that those descended from individuals higher up on the Tribal rung would receive better education due to their parent’s station. Am I wrong in this belief?

The Provist regime was the best thing that happened to the State since its forming, and Tibus Heth stands on the same page as Mathias Sobaseki. He has returned the meritocracy to our State, removed nepotism - at least on lower and med-tiers of the management, he liberated our Home from the foreign occupants - and even if it was lost later to the backstabbing Highlander operation, the liberation of Caldari Prime is what ignited all Caldari hearts with pride and joy.

The Directorate’s reforms have freshened the State, everyone began living better. The downside of the Provist regime was that a lot of incompetent people were displaced from their position - and even now they show blind hatred to Provists (and I mean, not these Provist-playing guys, or gurista who were stealing ships, or these mad pretenders who would start some gallente-style terror acts; but actual, true Provists who have built and shaped our State, who made our corporations better, who constructed the New Meritocracy).

Whenever you see a Provist hater, you can say for sure, they are one of these folk that was poisoned our State with incompetence and nepotism. Treat and deal with them accordingly.

As well we shall remember, that era of CPD is a Heroic age of our State, but now it is over, and we must live as we have to, in the State that was envisioned by our ancestors, by the great Sobaseki. We grew from tiny underdog who barely won our independence from gallentean hegemony into the huge interstellar Empire, being guided by the principles set by Sobaseki, including the most important: the will of Caldari people is spoken by Corporation. It is our Corporations who make Tibus Heth Executor, and it is our Corporations that abolished the position of Executor.

Those who go against our Corporations, go against Caldari people.



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That may be because there is no ‘Minmatar tribal structure’. The Brutor Tribe have a structure of their choosing, the Sebiestor one of their own, and so forth. As each of the Tribes structures itself in a manner suited to the needs of the Tribe, they are each also empowered to select their leaders in the way that they each see fit.

In some places, educational opportunities may be limited—the residents of poorer worlds probably have fewer educational opportunities than those from more well-to-do places. But that doesn’t necessarily translate into political power within the Tribe. My own Clan resides1 almost entirely on the four Republic Security Services stations in the Sveipar constellation, the very heart of the Republic. A majority of our Clan serve in the RSS, some of them relatively high up. We live over rich, influential worlds.

At the same time, we don’t have a lot of political power. Our Clan hasn’t built up the network of favors and secrets necessary for such power… well, the favors, at least. After all, when the majority of the Clan is actively involved in being the people who know secrets…

But at the same time, when your Clan has that kind of trove of knowledge, you also owe it to the Tribe to not attempt to be influential. Intelligence has to be trustworthy and unbeholden to friends or favor, after all.

And still, for all that, I received a first-rate education, even before pod training. So, no, I’d have to say that it’s not a matter of political influence so much as just who’s got the money and location to get into the good schools.

Edit to add:
1. Officially. I mean, once you’re in the RSS, you might be living someplace else because you’re assigned to that facility, or you’re out in the field doing, you know, ‘security’ work, etc, sometimes for years. But officially, we’re on those stations.


I’ll add to this that, as someone who has lived in both the Republic, and the State, The Republic represents far more in the way of a meritocracy than the State ever did, and unlike Sukuuvestaa, and the state at large, families don’t get slaughtered by corporate hit-squads on Pay-Per-View.


What are you even talking about?

I respect Minmatar, really… But wat?
Minmatar represents more in the way of a meritocracy? While for them nepotism is a cultural norm? And didn’t they had some big purge of politicans in 110 if you say that they don’t slaughter people? And by purge I mean mass assasination of them with some vague excuse for that.

And funny that you brought SuVee. Okay if you would say Kaalakiota or Lai Dai as they had stories of let’s say forcefuly quelling people but to my big surprise Sukuuvestaa goes quite clean there if my memory serves me well.

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