The Trap House Co-Op | Heavy Industry and Capital Production | The Citadel & Black Rise

Greetings, I am the head recruiter for a mid-scale industrial corporation based in The Citadel. We are in possession of multiple manufacturing structures and an extensive BPO library, and we are looking to expand our operations in order to build capitals and SuperCapitals in nearby Black Rise lowsec. We are looking to expand our operations with new recruits who share our penchant for providing the industrial backbone of New Eden.

What we offer:
Mining fleets with max Orca boosts
Tatara refinery with T2 rigs
Main production Azbel as well as specialized raitarus for module/ship/etc. production
Extensive BPO library
Working towards a Sotiyo in Black Rise for Supercapital production
Asset movement service- Avoid gankers and trigs and allow our experienced movers to guide you with your moving solutions.
Free freighter trips to/from Jita for light items
Corporation jump freighter for long-distance movement of items
Years of industrial experience- get the insider scoop on profitable activities
Investment opportunities (new)

What we are looking for:
We are a group of experienced players, and we are looking for industrialists and miners who have an established base. We recommend at least 5 Billion in starting capital for our new miners and industrialists. This will allow you to be self-sufficient with your production and helping the corporation immediately. We also recommend players to have good skills in their regarded profession on one or more than one of their characters.

Activity- We’re here to build things, not go AFK. Luckily, we make it very easy for you to build providing the infrastructure for you to make money by simply logging in and executing a few clicks.
Full API for all characters
Moving to our home staging system- We want our members to be a part of our activities, and to not be living 30 jumps away, often through dangerous Triglav territory.

Send an EveMail to ASAP Twelveyy if interested.
We look forward to seeing you!
The Trap House Team

Still searching for committed industrialists.

Still recruiting!

Not sure if you will receive this post but I’m giving it a shot. I’m considering returning to the game. My activity has declined over the last year or two significantly. I do however have over 100 mill sp and heavily focused on PVE, industrial side of things. I have a a stockpile of 15 mill in PI and Ore/minerals ice etc. plus I’ve been self sufficient for years.

I’ll shoot you a mail and we can get started!

Sounds great. I will log in by tomorrow sometime and read your email.

Still recruiting!

Recruitment is open!

Still recruiting

Recruiting still!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Looking for strong independent industrialists!

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