The Triglavian Invasions: Getting connected

Find a game you like? Or keep crying. Your call.

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so far i am enjoing this content

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:red_circle: Well, if you like broken NPC, broken features, missing features, not properly working features after systems change, and endless hours of unrewarded grind, that’s your prerogative. Some people consider salt a reward, though, that’s fine. And to move this discussion back towards the original topic: Those above things are also contributing factors for why not more people get involved. There is nothing in invasions for a mission runner even though Invasions have tons of potential for missions to involve mission runners into the thing. Nor for explorers even though Invasions offer lots of potential for exploration content.

Like? Believe me, if there was an alternative to EVE, I would not be here anymore. But there is not and that’s the only reason why CCP can keep doing the crap they do.


My reward is see another endless complain about the new content

There are alternatives but you’d be here anyway. You like crying. Just look back over your posts. It’s all you do.


It’s a good post, OP, but remember: you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it stop complaining that it only wants hay, and that you’re a dick for trying to force it to consume what you feel is the right thing, instead of leaving it alone to put whatever it wants into its mouth.

There is a third option; drop 9 accounts and move my main back into FW until this Trig stupidity ends. I can buy a lot of rifters with 6 T isk.

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You can also fight a lot of triglavians with 6T

Why would anybody fight the Triglavians?

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In many places in the world, you could also buy a house and a car with the money you’d make from RMTing away all of that ISK.

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It might not be much of a house, though.

At $7/billion, that’s like 40 grand (and no taxes, since it’s all illegal anyway). That can buy you a decent single-family home or apartment in most places that aren’t shithole megacities. Add some more cash or a small mortgage, and the place becomes really nice.

Only CCP can sell it at that price. Real RMT traders charge way less.

I came out of FW to help people protect systems so I gotta say that if you don’t want to deal with the Triglavian Invasions, the Amarr-Minmatar FW zone is (just my personal opinion) still the best place in the game. I have contacts on both sides if you need a helping hand to find a group that matches your time zone. Whilst the Rifter has been nerfed, the Breacher is currently winning 70% of its match-ups against other T1 frigates and it can be configured for brawling, scramkiting, kiting or tackling. Think of it as the love child of the Incursus and the Kestrel. If you are going to splooge on frigates, that’s the one. If you really wanna do stuff with projectile weapons I would suggest the Firetail, which can be configured for brawling, scramkiting and tackling. You can get those cheap with some TLIB LP by exchanging a Rifter and a UUA nexus chip. You did sort of miss the Floseswin war, though, and I am told that was the most intensive content the zone ever saw. Great content. Everyone is currently taking a breather after that and the Amarr Militia is in a civil war again. Still better than Highsec on it’s best day, though.

I am not forcing anyone to do anything. I am providing them with options, but as you can see with regards to my reply to Tater, I am more than willing to help people with alternatives.


It’s about as optimistic as expecting that people will keep paying to play a game which spoils their way to enjoy it.

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Free movement of High Sec by players involved in the Triglavian Invasion is a serious system glitch, which the CCP must fix.

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If you are going to reply to me, can you explain what you mean in a less cryptic manner? I do agree in principle that the same system should apply as the one in Faction Wars. If I were to enter Amarr space on my main character, the Imperial Navy would attack me. But I am supposed to believe that someone who has been supporting the Triglavians from the get-go can enter any empire’s highsec space without so much as a warning?


Yes, I wanted to say that the rules should be the same as faction wars,
However, current game rules may overprotect “Triglavian” terrorists.
It’s unnatural to leave the system to a vulnerable organization called Edencom.

My concern is the shift the game is taking away from players like me who frankly don’t have the time or oppurtunty to defend niarja. I had a paper due for my postgrad so was able to log maybe two hours.

At the end of the day it was irrelevant though, because the null blocs wanted even more power and strangling high sec is a way to achieve that, and its difficult for high sec organizations (made up of mostly casual players) to coordinate a response able to meet the null blocs one.

Now niarja has fallen, really it doesn’t affect me, I can move around easily, I have a couple of places in null or a wormhole waiting for me with some various old mates, I can continue being a bear in domain and just JF my stuff around, but it really has just left me with those options (null, wh or organize more in high sec). Adding a significant amount of time to the amount of play required from me, and it’s time I don’t have.

The csm and their null circus have cried loudly enough that they want eve to be a full time occupation, and the defense/offense of niarja was just a sample of that.

Its turning into a game where every single player will eventually need an email with pings for cta’s attached to their phones, calling in sick, and then sitting at home ignoring kids and partners for hours on end.

I will try and work around it, but real life comes first, and that tenet is being removed from a lot of casual players, so I’m not sure how long I can continue to play if this continues.