The Unforgivening

People sometimes say that I’m “a bitch”, or “spiteful”, or “have a grudge”, because I don’t ignore the petty insults and arguments from people in the past.

Those people are wrong.

What they do not understand, is the nature of the Amarrian religions. There is no such concept as “forgive and forget” in the Amarr religion.

To “forgive and forget” a sinner, is to allow them to slip backward into the same behavioural patterns that caused them to sin, making them vulnerable to committing those same sins again, further damning them when their time of Judgement arrives.

Thus, there is no forgiveness, no concept of ignoring the wrongs that someone has committed, as that allows someone to be damned. Which is against everything that the Amarr religions stand for.

Ultimately only the LORD may forgive someone. Priests and the Emperor may absolve someone of the formal punishments for their sins, but they cannot give true forgiveness.

If we look at the Udorians, we can see that by the coronation of Empress Catiz, that the Udorians as a whole have been forgiven, as obviously the LORD would not have allowed a member of a sinful race to be their representative in the mortal plane.

Only through constant reminding of their sins, can a sinner be redeemed.

So. If you think I’m being “A bitch”, it is only because I care for the wellbeing of your eternal soul.

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‘Unforgiveness is a bitter poison the unforgiving drink hoping the unforgiven will perish.’

What if, based on the evidence of literally everything you’ve ever posted, we just think you’re an idiot?

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What if we don’t want your forgiveness… or your God’s? What if we just want our people back and then to be left alone?

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I, honestly, don’t consider you neither ‘bitch’, nor ‘spiteful’, nor ‘having a grudge’, even if the experience we had was rather awkward. Nor I think you shall forgive people who don’t ask for forgiveness. After all, forgiving enemy - especially without them repenting - is a huge weakness that puts you in a vulnerable position.

That’s why I would really like to know, how many people actually approached you and asked for forgiveness?

Unfortunately, our capsuleer society is heavily influenced by indecency of gallentean ideals like freedom of speech, they hide behind CONCORD from charges in slander and groundless accusation. There are a lot of disgraceful, dishonorable people, as well as ones whom I myself often call as ‘GalNet trolls’ - because they just can’t do anything except of insulting, misinterpreting and committing all over indecent behavior in comms.

What I see how it happens: they insult you, because they disagree with you, but when you insult them back, they say you’re “spiteful” and have a “grudge”, and so on, like you are that bad persons and they’re victims who “did nothing wrong”.

For sure calling you a “bitch” isn’t something that says they have deserved any sort of forgiveness or mercy.


Not sure how it fits into your theology but I can confirm that I am still one part sassy and one part bitch.

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