The untapped power of PEG

When I am fitting a ship for travel, the goal is to balance hull EHP as well as optimize align time, warp acceleration and capacitor resilience. If I am fortunate enough to have extra low slots, I place a warp core stab or two. Each module is balanced to enhance ship performance but also limit additional elements of play.

But with the remarkable lore contributions during Fanfest 2017 and following sessions we players begin to see the unlimited potential of low slots, and how two-dimensional the current suite of modules seem.

Arguably, if my capsule is the only livable, conditioned volume within a larger hull, then life support, power management, even avionics become simplified. Space economizing is a no brainer. What is the point of flying these hulking barges and blockade runners when we are not crewed with an exponential curve of fresh meat.

My understanding is all that extra space is used for modules and rigs. If capsuleers are cited as more powerful than a full ship compliment, part of that could be because they get to utilize larger, bulkier, more powerful modules and rigs.

But on to the main argument - how can capsuleer ships further capitalize on vastly reduced crew requirements? Acceleration limits are removed. Mass requirements are reduced. Hello again, dear old PEG.

Suggested change: Remove 80 to 90 percent of low slot modules (trash) and begin seeding NPC academy locations with skill books resembling:

Rudimentary Celestial Phenomena I - V
Advanced Anchoring I - V

Then introduce a Mastery completion challenge for the new low slots:

Fractured PEG Stabilizer
Conditioned PEG Stabilizer
Flawless PEG Stabilizer

Their effects: a range of stackable Armor, Hull and Navigation perks. If you ask me, something like the Flawless class should be really valuable space loot that many would shoot out of the sky to grab (and because of their interdimensional tampering they MTU their own wrecks). But as compromise, these same valuable additions to ship low slots can beef Hull and Armor EHP, while paradoxically improving align time and of course warp core stability.

Your thoughts?


Capsuleer crews are only somewhere between 25 to 33% smaller.
Even fitted frigates will still have a crew.

I think you are dramatically under estimating crew sizes.

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I don’t understand what you are suggesting.

Keep in mind that even though a capsuleer Minmatar or Amarr hull has a massively reduced crew something like a Gallente frig is going from a crew of three or four to a crew of two or three.

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