The Uprising Expansion : What's Next?

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The Uprising Expansion: What’s Next? : Eve (

My suggestion Is to implement NPC resupply routes. The NPC resupply routes would see one to ten FW class haulers or one FW freighter starting out from random FW related stations in High Sec. The hauler or freighter would then travel to a Low Sec border system in the FW zone to begin boosting the local markets with T1 ships, modules and ammo. As the faction makes its way deeper into enemy territory, an NPC ship would deploy a FW trade hub when the system is controlled by an opposing faction and has 100% advantage. Example, Gallente push into Eha and capture the system. When the Gallente have 100% advantage, a builder ship from Orvolle launches and makes it way to Eha to deploy its hub that is then supplied by freighters and haulers.

The NPC freighter, haulers and builder ship must be escorted while traveling to a destination to keep from being attacked by pirates and enemy WT’s. The FW supply convoy will show up on the Overview allowing it to be warped to instantly. Some ships from the convoy will have to probed down and could being transporting larger ships and modules.

The trade hubs aren’t permanent and will un-anchor after 24 hours but can be attacked by war targets and pirates at any time, a fleet of 25 Caracals would take 45 minutes to destroy the hub. A destroyed hub does not drop any loot but the items being sold at the trade hub can be purchased by the deploying faction and then sold in a regular NPC station.

This new mechanic will introduce convoy warfare content into the environment and if successful, will help any side able to protect the convoys.


As I understand it, the first week of May is the “official” 20th anniversary. I would be very shocked, if there wasn’t a frenzy of give-a-ways in that month. I believe this must be a calm before the oncoming storm. I am not a gift hound myself, I have witnessed MMOs that both over gift the players at these events and others that treat it like any other day on their calendar.

I also wonder, if they have any plans at all to make vast changes to this game during this time. I only suspect it should be announced very soon, as we are deep into the last half of April. It would be somewhat pointless to make it all a surprise party.

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