The worst systems the Triglavian’s can make liminal… or how the Triglavians can really ruin some people’s days!

Gekutami, Elonaya, Villore or Atlanins would have also been pretty nice bottlenecks.

Aband would have been nice even though the area it’s in is pretty quiet, but it unfortunately was Amarr. And well, Faurulle is in Solitude…

Though we managed to take 7 of 23 Gallente hisec ice belts if I counted correctly, which amounts to 30%. Which is probably a pretty significant impact on ice mining.

I am really disappointed that Jita was not invaded.

I have the feel that CCP chickened out. That could have been the biggest thing reshaping wise since creation of this game.


wtf, first you complain on absoluty evrything about the triglavian invasion and know you wanted jita to get invaded ?

They did chicken out though. It would have been glorious.
And especially if everyone and everything there went to the new Trig systems, you have to admit it.

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