The "Wretched hive of scum and villainy Patch" (Bounting Hunting, Smuggling, and Contract based wars)!

Why do we need this? What benefit would there be beyond NPCs selling/buying blue loot?

Boosters were highly underutilized before, and to a large extent they still are - this would take things in the wrong direction

Customs Policeis a little-understood and somewhat unpredictable mechanic (sometimes a one-second warpout ship gets caught, but a ten-second warpout ship doesn’t???) that honestly doesn’t bring much value to the game - it’s better off removed entirely rather than beefed up

This would detract $$$ from CCP, detract from PLEX being sold in the market, and go against the fact that, with maybe one exception, SKINs aren’t sold in any LP store. Why start now? And Mutaplasmids being available in LP stores would diminish the value of Trig sites tremendously and would flood the market with cheap abyssal modules.

As Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA], few people know more about this area more than I do, and I can tell you right now this is very dangerous territory in terms of being grossly abused in a manner CCP would NEVER approve of. Standings mechanics could use some love, and any standings rework (namely making it easier to raise standings with existing non-empire factions) should be implemented in other, more direct fashions.

So we’re going to break Locator Agents into two behavioral categories? Why not just have them all function identically???

New Eden has no shortage of Locator Agents left and right. We honestly don’t need more in general. Maybe in some places but more for the sake of more is not sensible. In either case you’d have to raise standings to get access to agents when you could have raised standings to get access to existing agents that were probably in the same area of operations

What lore and purpose, exactly? The purpose (and benefit) hasn’t been established as it is, and there’s no lore to correspond to what you’re talking about. None of the lore about piracy, smuggling, bounty hunting, etc remotely resembles any of this, nor does the existence of any factions worth naming outside of the ones already named.

So how are these gankers killed in Hisec?

So we’re going to impose a mechanics change (other than timers) just because someone has a bounty? I don’t think so.

EVE has no shortage of useless items. Can you imagine how cluttered EVE’s database will get with useless one-time items? We’ll crash the cluster with all these item spawns. We already have trophies anyway. They’re all on zKill. We also have a way of trading them with other players in the form of “bets” and “bragging rights”

The killright system and the bounty system are very different and largely unrelated and they should be. They often work in conjunction with one another but that doesn’t mean they should be tightly integrated. The current bounty system already rewards the value of the hull destruction -what you described is a payout largely redundant.

Player interactions are already shown in character sheet. Top bounty hunters are already shown in Bounty Office window. Showing in-game stats is a bad idea. Not saying the data shouldn’t be publicly available, though: maybe available through the API but not shown in-game, as is the case with numerous other data fields about pilots.

It is literally impossible to make this enforceable or back it with meaningful consequences.

The reputation of a corp/alliance changes all the time with the player composition and leadership, so this is not a useful tool. The integrity of the corp/alliance in relation to a contract also depends on who the client is. Corps/alliances are closed and reformed all the time (often under the same name), so this review tool could be circumvented easily.

This already exists. If you read EVE Forums or Reddit or various high-profile EVE websites you’d know this and their reputations. Merc groups can also post service adverts on EVE Forums and have clients leave reviews - this is already a thing.

Why do we need a formal system to do poorly what we’ve been able to do well without a system that is probably incapable of handling the terms and conditions of what needs to be done?

Starbase charters? You mean that item that is being phased out? What’s the point? These are so easily destroyed that your rent is in the form of suspect-free mining and/or easy destruction if you are incapable of defending them.

Why are we making Athanor-specific mechanics?

:point_up_2: this is the only good idea I’ve read. And it’s not exactly original or recent.