Theory Crafting - T3 Ammo

T3 Ammo

Hyrbid Turret T3 Ammo Types:

Railgun - Grounder - Penetrates 5% of resistance, lower damage value than faction Plutonium, range equivalent to Plutonium

Railgun - Disruptor - 2% chance to cause loss of lock, range + 20%, tracking +0%, damage value of Iridium

Blaster - Corrosion - Stacking DoT, Up to 10 stacks - range -50% - damage output of Thorium, DoT damage is Thermal

Blaster - Facade - Stacking DoT, up to 10 stacks - range +50% - damage less than Iron, DoT damage is Kinetic

Energy Turret T3 Ammo Types:

Beam - Lance - 2% chance to cause OH damage to enemy ship modules, -37.5% range, +20% tracking, Damage value of Infrared

Beam - Shimmer - Damage type is Kin/Explo - Black beam, 0% range, +20% tracking - 1/8th damage dealt toward shield hits armor

Pulse - Meltdown - AoE component - effective range of 10km only, cone of fire for guns towards intended target of 30 degrees, damage similar to X-Ray

Pulse - Sublimation - Massive damage increase - +100% damage, -37.5% range, Decrease RoF by 50% (12s becomes 18s)

Projectile Turret T3 Ammo Types:

Artillery - Seismic - 0% range, +20% tracking, Damage of Proton, Hits have 2% chance to cause slow down by 3% - Explosive Damage

Artillery - AfterShock - +20% range, -12.5% Tracking, Damage of Proton, Hits increase sig size by 1% - EM Damage

Autocannons - Cannonade - +25% damage, -37.5% range, -25% tracking, Damage of Nuclear, Decrease RoF by 25% - Kinetic Damage

Autocannons - Torrent - -25% Damage, 0% Range, +25% Tracking, Damage of Nuclear, Increase capacity by 25%, Increase RoF by 15% - Thermal Damage

Missile T3 Ammo Types:

Light/Heavy/Cruise - Adaptive Design Shot - Adaptively changing damage type after initial volley hits, changing to hit weakest resistance hole. Damage value of that of T1 equivalent, but speed and duration matching Fury missile.

Light/Heavy/Cruise - WidowMaker - AoE mechanic - half the damage of Faction T1, but small 500m Radius around the target is also hit, speed and duration matching Precision missile, accuracy matching T1

Rocket/HAM/Torpedo - Hellfire - Consecutive hits from ammo cause additional damage, +5% Damage per 1s interval - Range of Rage - -12.5% RoF

Rocket/HAM/Torpedo - Rapid Cycle Ordinance - -25% size of missile, +25% RoF to launchers, T1 equivalent damage, with range modifiers of Precision

There has been little to no change in the ammo and ammo types in recent years. This might shake up ranges, use and give more options outside of just, load close range long range t2. Versatility being the key, this would also be utilizing PI and other components in minimal amounts so it would be easy to produce, while still giving a definite strategic advantage/bonus.

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Nice job on thinking outside the box, course would be better to have these Theory Crafting threads posted in the proper sub-forum:

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Half of those ammo types wouldn’t work. For example, the ones that penetrate shields to hit armor would negate the Tactical Shield Manipulation skill, which I have trained to 5 for a reason…

Most of his threads and idea don’t work in general.

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