There are some really ugly but useful ships in need of some SKIN and rebuild

(Scanner Strange) #1

Ok, someone has to say this. The Claymore is, even for a Minmatar ship, REALLY ugly. Also, that nest of panels in front make no sense, and it’s just ugly. Looks like a toilet brush. The Nightmare could use a good going over too, or at least some SKINs beyond the ‘Glacial Drift’. Maybe something thematic? How about a NM with holographic impaled heads , with a blood drenched exterior. You know, Nightmare. It needs to look more horror, not like the Glacial Drift SKIN makes it look : Like a badly booby trapped popsicle.

(Balos Tritapo) #2

Good that your taste is not everyones…:stuck_out_tongue:

Would be ridiculous…

(Nana Skalski) #3

Claymore is ok I think, but nightmare could use some SKIN that reminds everyone of the True Sansha attitude towards the rest of the world.

(Scanner Strange) #4

Sure, to you. Everyone’s taste differs. Often radically. It’s called diversity, and is genrally seen as a good thing.

(Scanner Strange) #5

The Nightmare could use a few more SKINs.
A Comparison of SKIN numbers: Barghest 5, Machariel 5, Nestor 9, Rattlesnake 6 + 1, Vindicator 5, Leshak 4, Praxis 3. These are just the faction ships, the racial ships almost all have ten or more.

The Nightmare has one : Glacial Drift, a SKIN that is availiable (afaik) on all hulls that existed at the time it was released. (And it’s covered by it’s faction victory SKIN).

Is this ship harder to design SKINS for or something?

Just saying, the NM needs a bit of attention from the SKIN dept. . Something that brings out the “Nightmare” a bit more would be great, but paint it red, yellow and green and make smoke come out of it for all I care, just give the poor NM pilots a bit of choice to individualise thier ship.

(Balos Tritapo) #6

Diversity is just watering the straight…

You cannot make everybody happy and you shouldn’t try it…it’s pandoras box and it should never be opend and if opened it should be closed…

Look,talking about real life there is no need for more than 2 genders.for example …this is pure madness…same goes for wishes like this in games…or "reloaded movies…keep what is and don’t try to be better than the original…

99.9% of those trys fail miserably…

CCP stop those annoying NPC Mining fleets
(Scanner Strange) #7

OK, firstly : Don’t care to take part in a gender debate, thanks. My views on the subject are my own, and a game forum is not the place for the subject, really. I’ll thank you to drop it, and stick to a post about Eve Online Spaceship SKINs.

The SKINs are in the game to give pilots a way visually to customise thier ships, giving them a choice of what SKIN gives a fleet a sprinkling of different SKINed ships. Instead of a homogenous herd of ships, you get a bit of customisation, so in a screenshot you can go “THAT is my ship.”

I’m not really asking for much more thatn a bit of balance in the attention paid to NM skins. The next nearest ship in the same class has 5 SKINS, it has one. Shame, poor NM pilots.

(Balos Tritapo) #8

Right there is really no debate worth those gender nonsense…but my remark still stands…

(Arthur Aihaken) #9

More than a few ships need an overhaul and update. I’m not sure if we’ve seen anything new since the Caldari Industrial redesigns… (other than the new Triglavian ships)

(Chainsaw Plankton) #10

check out the sansha’s victory skin, it’s really pretty and applies to the nightmare

(Arthur Aihaken) #11

And the Succubus, Phantasm, Immolator and Revenant. Yours for only $8,995,999,798!
Think I’ll stick with my cheap Glacial Drift…

(Chainsaw Plankton) #12

but it’s pretty and oh so shiny! I can’t fly sansha ships with out it.

(Scanner Strange) #13

Well, I fly Incursions and do exploration. I don’t think the “Sansha’s Victory” is thematically appropriate it the setting.

(Winston Onzo) #14

Or, you know, they could just give us the customized SKINs that they said would be in the game 2 fanfests ago.

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #15

(Balos Tritapo) #16

Not all changes are good just because they are “new”…

“rebooted or remaked” movies or series f.e. are -without exception- worse…

I mean,look f.e. at battlescar galactica…pseudo-intellectual politically correct nonsense without the charm of the original series and to make it worse the best char of the original series,the womanizer starbuck WAS a woman…

This alone let’s me hate the series because of the politcal correctness in only this small segment…not to say that the story has NOTHING to do with the original beside the colonials had to run from their enemy…

But they are FAR too militaristic and FAR to agressive to deserve a peace by negotiation…slaves have the RIGHT to rebel against their masters so the colonials DESERVE extinction…

A bad one sided plot …a really bad plot…

This example,that can be expanded on nearly every series or movie of the last 15-20 years shows clearly that “new” is not always “good”… not to mention the prototype of bad shows…STAR TREK DISCOVERY…ugggh…:slight_smile:

So let the original as it is…do not dare to touch it just to “refresh” it.

There must be a reason for a change not just “we want a new look”…