Nightmare Skins Please

There’s a total of 2 skins for the Nightmare. Glacial Drift - which is okay but doesn’t fit the ship in my mind at all. Then there’s the Victory - utterly overpriced on the market atm, and hardly a skin to write home to about either.

Yet every time a new skin bundle/theme comes out… what Battleship gets a version of the skin and is always thrown in our faces … the Mach. Mach and more Mach.

The Nightmare needs a skin much like the animated one the Machariel got - something edgy, vaguely TRON-like. Please take some inspiration from the old Chinese server skins as well, and please stop with the "lets throw a bucket of paint against the hull’ skins.

Take a lesson from Warframe where they have a dev program which lets artistically inclined players design skins and via an online process in conjunction with the devs and occasional feedback from the community, they’ll eventually make there way to the game itself.



Id be happy if they made it look Amarrian, instead of puke looking. It is my favorite ship and if you want to see ‘skin-spew’ go look at the number of skins the industrials have, they are going to have to add an index pretty soon to the fitting window.

Did FINALLY get a decent Dramiel skin so there is hope for those ships that keep getting the big fat nothing treatment as far as skins go.

CCP is really bad at taking my money, i want to give it to them but they just keep saying, “NO” we want to remain poor.

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