There needs to be more to Triglavian space

While new features and areas are always welcome content, the Triglavian Abyssal pockets are already getting old. Once you’ve figured out the proper ship fits for the various tiers, there’s nothing to do but blitz and collect loot before the timer is up. That’s it.

We need to have some way of sticking around in abyssal space for more than 20 minutes. Give us something else to do in there. Mining, missions, agents, something. Or no reason at all other than to look around and take some screenshots and video. As it is currently, the Triglavian abyssal content is going to go stale pretty quick…

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They haven’t added the triglavian rats yet so chill out fits can go out the window tomorrow depending on what those rats do in the sites


Didn’t CCP say this new content was more of a basic feature which would be expanded upon later?

The majority of the playerbase hasn’t even seen this content and you’re already here making assumptions that the rest of the players will feel the same way?

How about posting your viewpoint in the Test Server Feedback forum where it belongs.

Then what have I been shooting then?

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