There should be a way to remove a bounty if some one makes things right

I placed a bounty and the player that did the ill will made things right. there should be away to remove bounty even if you dont get the money back, and they are in station in high sec. So they are not likely to be hunted there. so that the bounty cannot be removed when another player is in mid hunt

There is, he flies out in a corvette and his alt kills him and takes your money.

lol i just pretend that is not what happens i dont get mad its a game bounty is pure RP for me and i usually dont put a lot on as a bounty

Honestly if they are going to go the corvette death farming route that would be more worth it for the waste of time it causes them than someone actually killing them once in a more valuable ship for many times the amount off the bounty.

Personally I think of bounties as a way to add value to being targeted, almost like a personal record of how much people hate you and want you to die. Also only makes things more interesting and fun for a player like myself.

How about? Any k-billionaires out there want to give me a 1 billion isk bounty? Would really appreciate it…also don’t I talk enough ■■■■ to earn someone’s ire? Please check out my forum posts for incentive.

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Bounties are pretty pointless, don’t even worry about it.

there is… it involves many a boom.

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