There's now more frontlines than rearguards on the Amarr FW map

I know my other thread complaining about this is still up, but I wanted to make a slightly different point, which is that the frontline system was originally supposed to get “pushed” in a given direction against an enemy frontline.

So when a pirate FOB creates a frontline in the middle of nowhere, there is not always an enemy frontline next to it. The frontline just sits there forever. It can’t be pushed in any direction and will never go away.

This may not be 110% true, in that maybe the other side can take it, and then the first side now has a frontline next to that frontline, and then it theoretically gets pushed up or down the map until things look normal again, but in practice this is clearly not happening because new frontline systems get generated way faster than something like this can happen, if it has even happened one time yet.

CCPlease you don’t seem to have thought this through, the frontlines can’t just be placed randomly deep inside of a territory, they’re supposed to be paired with a frontline system of the other side in order for this system to work.

That much is clear lol.

When in development they probably didn’t see Amarr imploding with massive migration to gallante. Not looking to make this CAOD of old. Just stating a fact. Amarr lost people to gallente. And now some could be hearing the siren’s call of CVA activities too.

They also thought maybe rng on the FOB was a good idea. Gurista has already seen 2 FOB’s respawn in the same system as the prior one. No respite for the defenders. No map changes. Since many don’t even use the FOB heavily that probably had gurisa FW go well I guesss its a good thing I put my crap in NPC and waited. All their crap was still there mostly lol.

They also didn’t foresee some bitter vets going you know…the only place I can use t2 or bigger toys is in the FL33T/CVA conflict. NGL, the very recent Minmatar FW sign up was to catch these. This char learns new toys to fly. I want more than farming and flying Navies for max access to content.

PLaces where I fly more than navy t1 are looked at. this weekend was move stuff in. Now…I can look at those fun fleets. Its like a dinner in a restaurant. I paid for a salad. the salad will be eaten. It the steak to come that is preferred though.

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