Villore System

terapinstation flys a Zarmazd and has a Gnosis on standby. There are 6 members of RIOT in Villore at the moment. Don’t engage without help

who cares about one dude in HS ! just ignore him

You might not care but there are new pilots in the FDU that might need this intelligence that is provided here. Good day sir.

and you think the forum will be read by new player especaly your info ? xD

btw … if new player get killed they lerned more as YOU even can tell them


Villore is an awesome system. RIOT is pretty decent tbh.

OP are seriously gonna write here every day each time you see some hostiles gatecamping ot roaming somewhere?
this is the forum for discussion, not an intel chan

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I just want to know how caldari militia sit in gallente high sec all day without NPCs spawning to shoot them.

Oh they shoot the NPC police.

They are just like lv 4 mission npcs they die pretty fast. A marauder could easily solo them.

They salvage the wreaks or shoot them to keep a low profile.

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