Thermoelastic Expansion Theory

Does this bring new meaning to the tinfoil hat?

I read the 1st link completely. The 2nd link I only read the front page,as I wasn’t willing to create a username to proceed further. Maybe another time.

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what do you mean tin foil hat
you think its a conspiracy theory or something

No not at all. In the 1st link its comments about how when an aluminum plate is placed behind the person’s head the ringing in their ears subsides.

I simplified the test that was conducted involving the plate. Perhaps overly so. In essence they placed a plate between the subject and the RF origin to prove the RF signals were in fact creating the sound the subject was hearing. Its quite in depth and some of the technical is beyond my understanding atm. Mainly the measurements of the frequencies.

oh cool
so youre saying tin foil hats actually work
lol cool


And if tin foil hats work, then by extension, 400mm Steel Plates II will work even better!


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