Friends are listening

I post this here again, once again, as i did in the past, and no one is listening.

All the players in here, are going on to overread this all the time, and i dont know why.

As i reposted here several times. As i made videos regarding to that situation.

No one is listening.

Just be in rage, of not listening.

CCP listen to a letter since 2007/2008. i wrote. Thats the plan. Thats whats going on. But be sure, there is a Plan B.

Why i am writing that ?

because of this

you wont watch it, you are going not to read between the lines, you dont want to understand it, and its ok…

Thats the price of saying the truth.

In a world of lies.

And if CCP - as a friend listen to me for 2 hours of writing . They are friends. Thanks CCP.

And if you as player does not understand this, you even didnt watch the video to its end.

But the thruth is here…


I honestly question if you’re trolling. It’s like you’re trying to be as frustrating as possible. You go on about people not listening, but don’t even bother saying what it is you want to say. I then check out the video, and not only do you not say anything for the first 57 seconds, but your narration is muffled and your music is too loud.

You’ve sucked all the desire out of me to hear what you have to say.


yeah, thats why i created it so… but its ok… ill argueing this since 2010, not only once, not only twice, a lot.

and i am fed up. So i dont care what you thinking, the answer will revealed soon.

But then dont come to me again and ask me, why didnt you say anything.

I did.

and thats why

I get it…

You want CCP to create a more New Eden Store items for you. You looking for the tinfoil hat headwear and is upset because you have no tinfoil hats. That is all I could gleam from that inane babbling on the youtube video.

Can someone run the OP through google translate for me a few thousand times until it makes sense? Thanks.

Telling you man… he is asking for tinfoil hats in the New Eden Store.

I find it hilarious it was a scarf that tipped so many over into madness.

The Elder Gods must burn with envy.

you dont know the reasons, why i wrote this letter in 2007/2008, but judging me for that ? There are 2 sides of a coin. Someone who accepting this letter, then the other side is to to gather some information about the future i am living it.

And if you saying, hey, why are you so stupid doing things as you did. Then you may recognize, that changing the own point of view is going to be so hard, that this sometimes took some time.

But who am i to judge ?

So long, just let this thread die, as usual, because… ahh… why should i continue writing, you even dont listen too.

i can’t tell if this is real or a troll

but thats a lot of effort for a troll

Is this a new Blue alt?

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I’m not watching a 12 minute video to discover what the hell this is about…


I was going to watch, but that male voice broke my immersion and I gave up.

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yeah, even watching a 12 Minute video is so a big problem, how could even a letter written in 2 hours being a problem in the future, right ?

I mean, if in life no one is listening for even 2 hours in the whole lifetime, why should CCP ever listen to players - right ?

The issue is that you’ve given no one even a hint of a reason to watch your video, other than some badly translated “I have an issue with CCP and nobody’s listening” ramble.

Sure your video is 12 minutes, I can spare 12 minutes if I have a reason to. Your OP only tells me that whatever you have to say, nobody cared about it multiple times already. Your video intro is way too slow, then the speech is slow, and yes it’s jarring to have a talking female head speak in a male voice.

Maybe you think your message is important, but I really don’t have time to listen to every crank’s “must hear most important!” message out there unless they can at least bother to tell me why I might want to listen.

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well then its your decision, right ?

The video sounds like you want to sell me something. What is it? maybe i buy it at a good price.

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I wanna say maybe? But the posting is similar to her style but slightly more coherent yet still wildly cray cray. So unsure.

4 sides.

The rim.
The inside.

As for the video, I’m at work.

You got a transcript of the video?

–Gadget can read in silence


I’d put a tinfoil hat on a toon or two.

–Gadget wouldn’t, though - too gauche for her

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I would just like to say that I was trying to find a way to flag the OP as total nonsense, but ended up pressing the like button by mistake.

Sometimes we make mistakes like that when working on a mobile device.

Just to reiterate,I consider the post total nonsense