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As I log into space and I find myself intoxicated with the possibility of taking over , Taking over have a kingdom for my self. But how can this be done, in a space so vast and and the same time so complex , how does one even start , what plan should I follow , where are my allies , I have longed and wished to be back , back to the top of my food chain ,where I dictate what will happen to my corp . Live Free or Die hard was my crew , we use to learn together , build together , get to know the game together , support each other. Till the First war came , old friends became enemies , willing to test me and my corp mates , test to see what we had, they though we were an easy target yet , we fought , we surpriced them , taking some of them down, of course there were cowards always had to hire mercs to kill us to win , even tho the oods where on their favor . Live free or Die hard , we lived by that we fought by that , now you reading this join me to once again become a corp to be remembered in this millennia…

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