They should give Rorquals refining

If you want to change Rorqs in a way that isn’t a nerf, but still take away their mining power, I don’t think adding compression is going to do it. (They already had that anyway, right?)

But think how cool it would be if you gave them refining! That could make the skill point investment feel worth it. A little, anyway. Depending on how efficiently the Rorq refines.

People are already accustomed to expect refining in a station will bring losses. Whereas giving in-station compression a new loss factor feels nerf ful. So if the Rorq had better refining than an NPC station (maybe still equal or worse than PC stations.)

Then there you go: now it has been buffed. And people still won’t use them to solo mine.

It’s moon goo compression. Which you couldn’t do anywhere.

Because it is not necessary. Reprocessing moon goo reduces the volume considerably and takes away waste already. With compression as originally planned, you would lose ore while mining, ore while compressing and ore while reprocessing.

Just turn on the Reprocessing service once a month, reprocess all the collected ore and you are done. That’s much easier than compressing moon ore.



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