I am sick of the Thieves that this new update has spawned… does eve want to alienate its users and side with the filth that sullies eve???

I play mostly nonviolently and rat to get cash to do explorations, but now even that is destroyed because eve only loves its roaming ganktards, thieves and criminals.

I HATE this new update to the ess and the fact that some guy in a speed fit battle ship can come and steal all our hard earned cash. frankly it is a totally disgusting update to say the least. only hurting the guys who work legitimately to get money and feeding the ones who use underhanded tactics to win.

Am I alone thinking that it should be A LOT harder for a thief to steal from people who work hard to get their cash or even do away with this bias system altogether.

Probably not, but in a way it’s good that this has you so worked up. That presents a problem to overcome, which if you take it as a challenge, creates additional play that you can explore.


Try a real job! :smiley:

you probbably go steal from ratters dont you

Thieving is legitimate form of game-play just as is your ratting and non-violencing…

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Nah, I don’t work for my ISK.
That’s for peasants like yourself. :smiley:


In before the lock! :popcorn:

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so you Buy isk nothing wrong with paying for ingame money i guess good on you then

You can always come to high sec, we only have trigs that gank you on gates, if you dont go to Pochven to gain standings with them.

haha thought has occured but i never want to move back to high sec lowsec has a charm to it :slight_smile: just this new update is killing me

Rarely, actually. I always find ways of making money without actually putting work in.

If I wanted to work for ISK I’d go find a job …
… because grinding for ISK is stupid.

But hey … you do you.
There’s nothing wrong with being a peasant. : - )

You’re just greedy.

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i have a few ideas on how to fix the issue

  1. put defencive structures up for the ess as it is a concorde structure this will make it harder to steal from and make it more of a chalange for people that the odd ganktard cant come steal when he is alone
  2. increase the steal time to 15 mins to give people a chance to activly protect the ess
  3. allow friendly ships of the owned teritory to move freely in the ess bubble giving an advantage in home space

The only thing that needs fixing is your attitude towards the game.

There’s nothing wrong with it …
… you’re just too greedy.

Please send me your ISK before you leave.
It’d be a waste to having it rot in a dead account.

I have a better idea: stop being a lazy whiner, form a PvP fleet, and defend it yourself.

There is no need to defend it - if it is SO easy, they should just go to the next system over and rob their bank.

But then how would OP get to keep their moral superiority over the “roaming ganktards, thieves and criminals”?


How confused do people have to be to drag real-life morality into a fictional video game?


It’s a game. Stealing is part of the stuff that we all agree to as players. Don’t rat in SovNull if you don’t want to risk your ESS being stolen from. HTFU.

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Stealing loot in hs was a lot of fun and good content driver. CCP nerfed it because of all the salt. Same will happen with this…