Thing about mining anomalies spawns(DT exploit)

Thing is about spawn of mining anomalies in 0.0. Rate and time and volume of whole site are questionable but i dont want to talk about this now.

Main problem:
The main thing that is unfair now is respawning reset during DT. I have players from all Timezones in my corporation and my alliance and a lot of players that are from EUTZ or AUTZ have better opportunities to mine anomalies in 0.0.

How this is possible:
To get fresh mining anomaly e.g. “Colossal Asteroid Cluster” players dont need to wait whole cycle time for respawn. If this site is mined before DT it will spawn immediatley after DT. So if site is mined at 10:55 Eve Time and server will go up at 11:05, it means that respan time for players who were able to do this was 10minutes! 10 minutes respawn time for “Colossal Asteroid Cluster” which spawn time is much much longer.

Why this is unfair:

  1. This player will get richer faster than other miners.(more inequality)
  2. No mining of bigger sites for people who log in few hours after Downtime.
    (In my alliance a lot of sites are done that way so theres “Colossal Asteroid Cluster” to mine for people after DT but theres almost nothing to mine 4-7 hours later, because almost everyday this is done that way. So "“Colossal Asteroid Cluster” " is mined around 15:00 Eve time(thats when more EUTZ players will log in) so theres almost no possibility to mine this site around 15:00 - 20:00.)
  3. People are getting more divided because its hard to cooperate between people who are playing close to DT with people who are playing in later hours and they are getting more angry to each other.
  4. Different game mechanics for different people.

How to fix it:
Mining spawn times, and all spawn times should not reset during Downtime.
Now the normal day is:
Miners logging in 1-2 hours before Downtime to mine e.g. “Colossal Asteroid Cluster” site, they will done it and after DT they will get fresh belt.
Whing should work like this:
Lets assume spawning time of this anomaly is 5 hours so when it will get mined in 10:55 before DT spawn of this site should be at 15:55.

Thats all. I dont know how hard it is technically but this change have to be done. It;s about equality and same chances for all players. Now mechanics glorifies players who are loging and mining closer to DT hours.
(Of course whitout DT there would be no problem but i think its harder than my idea above)
I know this spawning anomaly system wasnt intended to make these inequalities, and im looking forward to getting it fixed.

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