Ores and belts spawn

I would like to see belts spawn on 8 hour cycles so no time zone is favored with optimum belts. Can still maintain same number of belts, just staggered spawns. Wouldn’t that be fairer??? I mean in certain time zones, your evening playing hours might be towards the end of “downtime” and rarely have any ores to mine, especially in HS. So no-one said EVE is fair but, it should be equal opportunity ORE for all.


I am dumbfounded that CCP hasn’t fixed this yet.

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I don’t see why they can’t just reload the belts when no one is on grid. I mean, anomalies can spawn just fine with no one on, so I don’t see the logic of “only downtime spawn”

why not respawn every roid as soon as it pops? sounds great.

Or like the original ice that never depleted. Mine away forever!

I will be looking forward to the .001 isk p/u tritanium

How about all anoms and belts get removed? Use NPC structures to frac moons and planets (thats right planets) in NPC space on a around-the-clock timer. With players building the structures in Sov Nul.

‘Only Downtime’ spawn is something the devs have been working to fix for years. This is talked about in the discussion thread for the latest ‘No Downtime’ experiment: No Downtime - Again! | No Downtime Discussion Thread

So your voices have been heard, CCP just hasn’t figured out how to gracefully execute respawn on belts without a downtime yet.

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It would be easy if they just abandoned the idea of static belts and moved all mining to warpable anomalies.

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That’s certainly a popular theory on how they’ll end up fixing it. It’s a logical approach. Which rather makes the likelihood of it happening dubious…

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