Things I would really love to see in the game

OK ok, so I have been thinking about this for quite a while and there are some things I would just love to see added, rebalanced, changed a bit or changed a lot in this game.

So here goes, in no particular order:

  • T3 and Faction Battlecruisers - make this happen, fill the void between cruisers and battleships

  • Some frigate rebalance, especially on some of the T2 ones like the exploration and logi frigs need some love, and some of the racial frigs seem to be missing or underwhelming some frigs, for example Galente has no T2 equivalent of the Tristan, etc. There seems to be a sot of a void in the frig line in every race.

  • More focus on active players and active gameplay - give them some sort of an edge over the bots, multiboxers, hackers, etc. not the other way around as it is currently. Either make the content difficult if not impossible to complete by such, or give active players some sort of a bonus for actual active gameplay over those, or something like that.

  • Gigantic, magnitudes bigger cost increase to produce and maintain caps. They are too common and just too “spammed” by now and with other issues at play just in general far too safe to use / fly around in.

  • Large waves of bot bans and their controlling accounts - This pertains to both ship bots (such as mining, ratting, etc.) as well as market bots.

  • Large, non-stop conflicts in null-sec / sov. The game lacks this horribly. Occasional raids or occasional battles don’t cut it. There needs to be some sort of persistant state of war over sov, otherwise things get stale. Double that with the above mentioned cap spam and other issues at play, super stale.

  • More stuff to do in lowsec, null-sec, WH space, but for new or mid range players.

  • General Tank rebalance between armor and shield tanks.

  • General weapon rebalance between weapon systems / platforms that use capacitor and those that don’t. I feel the ones that do are somewhat underwhelming because of this. They are basically on par with each other DPS output wise, but the flexibility of not having to use capacitor is a gigantic advantage, and these weapons therefore should not be on par with each other. The cap using weapons should be slightly better.

  • PvP - I feel that in general, (not situation or with some exceptions, but on average) there are just too many fits available which prevent counterplay, thus limitting risk. I do understand homogenization is bad and diversity is good, but there needs to be a bit more balance between the 2.

  • PvE - I would like to see some additional missions available, with increased rewards for those that are taken up in highsec, but with lowsec or null-sec objectives. This would liven things up a bit.

  • Exploration - I would like to see addition of exploration, scanning, hacking missions to obtain relics / data cores or whatever as mission objectives. This could include all sec status territories, right up to taking players into wormholes.

Well, thats just my “wanted” rambling off the top of my head that I thougth I’d share for some odd reason.


All I want is to be launched out of the side of a giant ship like in Battlestar Gallactica.

Well done. I like all of these :slight_smile:

First off, you’re looking for the Player Features and Idea Forum, the @ISD people will probably move this thread there soon.

As for the ideas themselves…

There’s basically no reason for this. New T3s have been, to put it generously, tricky to balance every time they’ve been introduced. On top of this the T3 Cruisers are, at this point, pretty much Battlecruisers in terms of speed, performance, and role fulfillment after their changes. The only reason they’re not called as such is basically legacy naming, player attachment, and actually changing their classes would play merry heck with their skill requirements.

Not every T1 hull needs a T2 equivalent, first off. T2 is supposed to represent specialization, not just “T1 but better”. Also the Tristan is already plenty strong, so we really don’t need a straight up better version. While some frigates certainly do need a second look (as the recent balance tweaks to a host of them attest) the Logi ones are actually in a pretty good spot and I’m not sure what you mean by “racial frigs” since that could refer to T1, Navy, T2, or even Pirate.

Carrier ratting sorta did this and then it got out of hand, just to point out.

Yeah there’s progress to be made here, but stating this as an idea is a bit like saying that maybe the devs should work on the game. They know, they’re doing it, but it’s a pretty slow process without just nuking swaths of legitimate gameplay.

Fun fact, there are actually more caps dying now than any other point in Eve history. The whole “safe” argument doesn’t really hold up.

Their cost relative to performance is also not horrible these days, and it used to be so much worse you don’t even know. No really, you don’t, you’re six months old almost to the day. Caps now are in a pretty fantastic spot all things considered, and a huge chunk of the recent price drop was Rorqual related, and that’s been pretty heavily nerfed and will probably continue to be nerfed until morale improves until the ore market stops looking like roadkill. Public cap prices are already up compared to six months ago, substantially.

Also literally no one would use caps if they literally increased the cost by ‘magnitudes’. A Carrier or Dread would not be worthwhile to use at a 10b price tag.

This is pretty much constantly happening. Also there are far fewer bots in the game than you think there are. Yes, there are bots and will always be bots, but not that many.

This is pretty much down to the players to do. CCP doesn’t control players or alliances and players and alliances get burnt out on nonstop fighting. Large null wars have pretty much always gone in cycles of “big fight” followed by recovery and small skirmishes.

Also the aforementioned cap cost increase is literally counterproductive towards this goal. More null wars happens when they’re cheaper to wage and easier to recover from.

There is already tons of stuff to do in these places and I highly doubt you’ve done even half of it.

New content is pretty much always in the pipe but it takes way longer to develop than it does to become “solved” for the playerbase. This is just a core fact of games.

This just isn’t needed. Tank balance is in probably the best place it’s been in the almost 10 years I’ve played Eve, and Shield HP implants, whenever CCP gets around to finishing them and releasing them, will likely close the last remaining major point of imbalance between shield and armor tanks, which is Capitals.

I feel like this and the preceding question just mean you need to learn more about the game. The balance between weapons is actually generally quite good, and weapons that use cap have advantages over those that don’t. In fact the general balance between weapons is quite complex and each has something that it’s good at. Even small tweaks can result in weapon systems become pretty massively OP, as Medium Rails attested to when they were a mere 10% stronger than now and absolutely dominated the Cruiser weapon meta.

People will always minimize their risk, and there’s not much CCP can do to stop this. Generally speaking this balance has swung back and forth over the years as ships have been introduced or changed and modules have been added or rebalanced. Most fits actually have counters available, but when you bring a hard counter most players will run away rather than die horribly, which isn’t unreasonable of them all things considered.

Again, see previous comment about content and the time it takes to make.

Also the rewards of a mission already go up substantially if the mission itself is in Low or Null, so this mechanic is already in the game. Generally speaking though you’ll only see Null or Low missions if you’re in a mixed sec status constellation or from some of the Burner missions if you’re close to Lowsec.

The problem with this is that it messes with the economy for whatever items you’re being told to find if it becomes a guaranteed drop, and if it’s not then it’s generally easier to buy the thing off the market assuming it’s even worthwhile to take the mission. This also has the side effect of flooring the price of the item and creates a sink for them, which can have negative impacts on the market. There’s also the whole NPC thing, which is generally frowned upon by players.

Even if they make it a special mission item “go find this thing, good luck” isn’t a ton of fun, and “go to this system and scan a thing” is just boring busywork for most players. It’s not hard to scan down a signature for an experienced player, so the only thing this adds is time. You don’t even have the fun of discovery because you know what you’re looking for.

I hope this didn’t come off as overly harsh but most of the stuff here has been requested before and either has major flaws that are obvious if you dive into the relevant mechanics, is already in the game, or is so obvious CCP have already indicated they’re working on it. See recent content releases, announcements, and the CSM meeting minutes for reference.

You’re still pretty new by Eve standards, I recommend poking around more and you’ll find the game has a fair amount to offer.

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Don’t Burner missions count for that? You get them in High Sec and do them in Low, high rewards for the risk not only on the area but the mission itself. There are already rare occasions when other missions send you to low sec just because you’re sitting near the system.

Missions here IMO would just feel bad, exploration is a thing you do by nature, not for being told to do it.

More info on that? Regardless, it looks fine. No need to touch them at the moment.

I’d agree with limiting how many accounts we can multibox in general, that would get rid of most high sec ice multiboxer miners for sure and give others a chance to grab something.

It may take a while to happen, considering the scandal T3 Cruisers were when they released and had a rebalance hammer them down

Are you actually saying the Tristan is not powerful enough? T1s can easily take on T2s since the T2 variants take on a specific role, if you fly the ship well nothing can stop you.

Same as above, Fly the ship better than your opponent and work on a fit that works for You.

They are also being blown up, because Bigger is not Better in most cases.

Then complain that to the big alliance leaders and demand they go to war with one another, simple as that. This is Player oriented content, so if you’re not happy with how it is now then try and infiltrate in one of the alliances and cause some drama or spark that will inflict war.

There is, it’s called working with the corp you’re at. Mining, PvP, ratting, exploration, you now have Moon Mining coming up, what else do you want? DETAILS MAN DETAILS! We cannot come up with ideas when you too cannot!

There’s a thing called hard counter, there is not a single ship that is immune to another, you just need to make sure you have the right stuff for the right engagement, most people usually follow cookie cutter builds than being creative, so go nuts and be creative

I feel that this topic would be better suited in #technology-research:player-features-ideas where it can be discussed by players and potentially seen by the right people.

Good Luck o7

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