Things to do when you have been killed as a new player

So you are a new player and ended up losing your ship… What should you do…

1st… Get your pod off the field. When you start reaching structure, click on a celestial object (planet, sun, moon, etc.)and start spamming the warp button. Then dock up in a safe spot. You may have to switch systems.

2nd… Take a deep breath. Yes it may suck. Yes you may have just lost all your hard earned oak. Yes you may be stuck back in a venture mining or running missions in an ibis, but breath. It’s a game. Lashing out in anger will not help, so breath.

3rd… Look at your loss mail. It should show you all the peoole who killed you. Do not hate these people because you are about to try to make some new friends. Evemail the top damage person. Politely ask them what you did wrong. Ask them how they found you and killed you. Ask them to look at your fit and see what could be improved. This may sound odd. You may be mad at these people. Don’t stress and don’t let anger cloud your judgement.

Now chances are they will respond in one of 2 ways… They will ignore you or harass you in an attempt to draw tears. These people aren’t worth your time or effort. Seek help elsewhere. The other response will be… Help. It’s amazing how many of the dreadful blood thirsty pilots out there are actually nice and willing to help. Don’t be rude, keep an open mind, and listen to their advice.

See, I’ve found that a lot of people may blow you up in EVE but they also will help after. They may point you to groups that help new players. They may offer advice. Thru may even take you under your wing and teach you. So try reaching out. Don’t take on EVE alone. You may be surprised, learn something, and even make new friends that will help you be on the other side of a new players lookup. Then… If the new player asks what happened, be kind an return the favor.

Eve may be hostile and evil, but so many of us will also happily help you after because… The more people in our circle of friends, the bigger targets we can all take.


I only just skilled up to mahogany


GF in local


Yep, this is EvE. Some of the best (and worst) conversations I had with players I killed their vehicles. As unfortunate prey, be cool about it (even if not true), admit the mistake … get help/advice/some nice chat/ISK.

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there is no such things as a GF, only unfair engagement, dont get fooled by the difference!

You forgot the obvious make a post on the forums asking for nerfs :wink:
Good post tho :slight_smile:

Get your pod off the field and think about the engagement as soon as possible.

Find 3 things you did right.

Find three things you did wrong.

Relive the moment to begin to see details about the engagement. The more you do this the more in the moment you can be and the clearer you will think. This applies with real life fighting as well.

In the beginning its a blur. After a while it gets better. Every experience is a chance to learn if you let yourself by getting out of your own way.


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