Thinking about trying or coming back to EVE ONLINE in 2020?

Hey Guys whats up !
If your new or thinking about trying EVE ONLINE then check out this short video i made…

Essnetially this video would be for people who know nothing about the game.

However…The princples apply that if your new or starting out we are starting a new online community for new players to recieve ISK and come hang out at for advice from experienced players and come on our publlic PVP fleets

Video is a bit meh, editing is annoying … but ur a city fan and a stone roses fan so all is forgiven.

“We are not, we’re not really here …” :slight_smile:

“should you try EvE in 2020?..just give it a go” :+1: :+1:

+1 to you for making an important point: just give it a try, not much to lose.

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