Third Order of St Junip of Aerui announces its services to all capsuleers of the Faith

Ave capsuleers

The Third Order of St Junip of Aerui is a secular order and our mission is to support all faithful to deepen their relation to Him and dedicate their live more deeply to His worship and the study of the scriptures. Since we have recently expanded our activities to also support capsuleers, I hereby announce our mission in this exclusive forum.

Have you taken a vow of silence? Have you taken an oath of chastity or to forego any contact with members of the opposite sex? It can be difficult to follow your personal dedication and deal with the needs of everyday life - especially as a capsuleer.

The Third Order of St Junip offers to appoint a guardian to you which will handle almost all worldly affairs you wish to abandon and spend your life almost entirely devoted to worship, meditation and the study of the scriptures. We will make sure you are only surrounded by other faithful that are aware of and will respect your vows and life choices. We are open to all ethnicities as long as you are of the one true faith.
For capsuleers we will require you to spend less than an hour each day on work in order to provide for the necessities of life in the cluster and contribute to our order. We will make arrangements according to your skills and preferences.

If you feel we could help you, please contact me personally. We will try to find solutions to all the challenges of providing and protecting your personal path in His service. All enquiries will of course be handled with utmost discretion.

Blessings be
Annabel Pareka
Senior Guardian of the Third Order of St Junip of Aerui


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I believe in this case they mean something along the lines of a third order living amongst the people rather than sequestering themselves away to live amongst others of their order.


A secular order - as opposed to a monastic order - is an order of lay men and women. I am sure you can find plenty of references if you are unfamiliar with the term.


There can only be one way.
Stay the Path…


What might an organization do to befriend but not join such an order?
Many might believe a secular order amounts to a cult, but I believe there are benefits to cooperation, tolerance, and learning.

Chris Shattersky, Veldspar Valuation Corporation

Thank you for your kind words.

Hmm, that is a tricky question as we are a peaceful organisation and do not fight our enemies other than with our prayers and service.
So we will consider you or anybody else friendly as long as you do not work against our faith or our work.

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Very well. You may consider myself and anyone that joins my organization honest and kind onlookers. Thank you for your work with regard to peace and prayer. Certainly has its place in this world.

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STAY THE PATH!!! Only the righteous will prevail.

Which path is that? And in what way does this order seem to you to need multiple reminders thereof? I see nothing here that even the Ardishapur would disagree with.


The joke is that secular means “not affiliated with religious matters”! Haha!


I know someone that has taken a vow of silence. Although I am curious. If they had taken such a vow, how would they contact you if they wanted to?


I wonder…does a vow of silence include text communications?

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The person I know of who has taken one seems to interpret it that way.

Really, it makes a lot of sense. If I were to take a vow of only spoken silence it wouldn’t change things for me very much at all.

Spending that much time just listening, barred by oath from responding … what an experience that would be.


Well, a text message is one option, although usually it is a spiritual mentor, a member of his or her religious community or a personal confidante who already provided support.

And although each faithful approaches this in their own way, almost all choose to avoid or at least minimise text or sign language as a substitute as well. However daily reading the Scriptures, writing a diary or even essays and prayers are common as well.

To me it seems that for most it is avoiding the chatter, the loud noise that engulfs us, the business that even taints our personal conversations. So much meaningful can be said with just a gesture, a smile or a silent gaze.

In fact I almost completely avoid talking myself when meeting my guardian child.

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