A place to stand

I must admit I am hesitant to make this public plea without standing in a position of strength. Yet I owe much to our Orders Chief Technician and feel compelled to give voice to her concerns.

River literally engineered my liberation from the clone vat that imprisoned me and arranged the training required to ensure our activities would not go unnoticed in the world. While I may be the voice of our monastic Order, River Tem is unquestionably the engine at its core.

You may know of our Orders mission to offer a place to stand for those that find themselves groundless. This mission fills the void of our own estrangement from societies benevolent oversight.

So it with great compassion and solemn fellow feeling we witness Outer Ring Excavations Cheif Executive Officer reach out for aid in the returning of its people and property. Hope endures still.

While it is true that OREs roots trace back to Gallentian prospectors its egalitarian nature embraces all walks of New Eden.

Please join us in standing alongside Afait Assette in providing material assistance and transport for the reunification of the ORE family.

It is my wish that this galnet thread can make apparent that which should be seen and tie humanity together in this one common cause. It is time for our stars to align.


No thank you.

Yours is a pure motive, but I’m inclined to agree at the moment ORE is offering high ISK rewards and new tech, until the Angels table an offer it makes my alignment clear.

The best donations we could muster would be a rounding error for ORE. They can take care of themselves.


You may be right but Assette has not asked for donations.
She has asked for voluntary manpower and military acumen. Are you suggesting that ORE is sufficiently stocked in these resources?

The material assistance I refer to is the ordnance required to liberate vital cargo from unlawful constraint.

Are capsualeers so fractured that they can not unite to contribute a mighty blow against this trespass and subsequently reap the rewards due to their contribution however small it may be in their own minds?

You make the mistake of assuming capsuleer have ever been unified.

I used to be in CODE. - I get supporting morally dubious causes. But supporting ORE is beyond the pail.

Au contraire, the reason I am calling for unity is specifically because capsuleers famously lack it.

Nor do I blindly believe the information Scope has conveniently packaged for us.
But someone has to raise a standard in opposition to the destructive individualism on display in these GalNet forums.

Do you not find it ironic that ardent self-sufficient-ists like myself and ORE are asking for help?

I deeply dispise such tribal organization as Angel Cartel, this is yet another example of their brutal crimes, and I welcome every action that targets the Cartel or its agents.

On the other hand, supporting an organization which promotes (as you have mentioned it yourself) such inhuman ideals as egalitarianism, I find (excuse me for my bluntness) unacceptably amoral.

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Strike Commander you and I have not quite come to blows over our respective views and misunderstandings. Please believe me when I say I respect both your position and your willingness to defend it.

So let me state, as delicately as I may, that my opinion of the Serpentice is every bit as disdainful as yours is of threats to your corporatocracy.

The Cartel has been seduced by the Snake and the head of the Snake is still believed to be Caldari descent.

I do not say this to cause division, I state it simply to make matters transparent between us.

You may view OREs egalitarianism poorly, but I would wager you and your Strike Force have personally benefited from it. Any other resource acquisition system simply can not compete.

Theft is universally understood to be immoral. It makes us all the poorer, including the thieves themselves.

Would you allow stolen Hyasyoda tech to go without redress?
Is OREs loss really your gain?

You objections seem so alien, help me understand your thinking on this.

I am a nun, now, and as a nun I must acknowledge you are coming from the right place, Mz. Tem.

However, I don’t believe you have engaged with the totality of obvious circumstances. It is true I personally believe we are seeing the tip of a vast bureaucratic industrial conspiracy, but even putting that aside, there is a simpler explanation for events as presented than “the Angel Cartel happened to hijack a ship carrying fifty or whatever billion ISK worth of ORE personnel.”

Let us assume, for the sake of argument, ORE’s miniaturization program is confined to rocks. Breakthroughs in this domain present significant corporate windfalls. Whenever significant corporate windfalls appear, corporations reward the executive teams that supervised the people doing actual work with blowout parties.

Unless officials are officially present, these parties (which would, in these cases, be called “work events”) do not take place in gardens attached to an influential bureaucrat’s official home. When officials are either unofficially present, or not present at all, corporate parties intended to reward executives for overseeing work take place in establishments that provide escorts and intoxicants.

ORE’s breakthrough is remarkable, and so it would naturally reward the executives who submitted memos about the breakthrough in a remarkable fashion. No hosts host escorts and intoxicants better than Angelic hosts.

Now it happens goo jockeys in search of bounties and bling blew up some parties. Imagine you are a member of the ORE executive command. Are you going to tell Gutter Press or the Scope you wanted to reward your executive team with the best escorts and intoxicants in the cluster for memos well written?

No. You are going to insist that “terrorists” attacked you, “kidnapped” your key personnel, and “forced” them to partake in the pleasures of escorts and intoxicants.

I do not blame you for not thinking like a corporate lizard, Mz. Tem, because you are a good person. But as someone who makes werewolves, I assure you ORE’s key personnel were having a grand time before being “rescued.”

Now, I have the highest regard for ORE’s work product. With the exception of a Nation cruiser that remains dear to my heart, ORE’s are the only ships I still paddle around space in. But the unvarnished truth is that ORE remains a corporate entity, full of corporate ways and corporate means.

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You rhetorically ask if ORE’s loss is the State’s gain, implying that it isnt. But what if I told you what’s good for Serpentis is good for the State as well? We do share common enemies, after all, and I’m sure the State would be happy to get their hands on tech ahead of the market, even if they may not be able to use it openly, to stay in the good graces of ORE.

It’s not really a secret that ORE are our competitors.
The State has own mining industry. I would really prefer for ORE to disappear for us to have instead State-produced mining vessels.

Though my issue with ORE wasn’t because of that. Of course, as a soldier, I do support our State, but minig competition is not a question that will need military solution, which I have been trained to provide.

What I cannot accept is ORE represents egalitarian ideals which are as immoral as a theft, if not worse. Typically I do not object people beliefs, if people want to pray to a Deity for luck, or anything else, if they truly believe in metaphysical entity that our science can’t prove or disprove, it’s their own philosophy, with which I can agree or not agree, but I won’t object them having it.

On the other hand, there are some beliefs that contradict reality and are damaging to human society as a matter of fact. I think the most known such belief in capsuleer society is a Sedevacantism sect, that claims that Amarr Throne is empty.

Egalitarianism is another example of that belief, since it’s a matter of fact that all people were born different, and all people have achieved different merits, claiming that all people are equal for one reason or another is simply wrong, and using it for enforcing policies is as bad as fighting the Empire to put a “legal” ruler on the throne.

Tell me, would you support a Sedevacantist church, would you fund its crusade against the Empire? Why would you support Egalitarian cult or a corporation that adheres to these beliefs?

On this we can agree. The merit of an individual is established by their achievements not by their claims.

I feel our the understanding of Egalitarianism is divergent but I have little interest in the particulars of why. The statement of your position is sufficient, it is your stance and it is respected, at least by myself.

I have not given the Sedevacantist church any thought, other than I personally would have no objection to the establishment of such a sect within the Federation so long as they are open and transparent about their activities and aims. I suspect those of Amarrian descent would be keen to observe them.

I speak for my Order alone, which is structured under Adakul Monastic tradition yet acknowledges Ida philosophy as a possible explanation for the spontaneous self-actualisation of clones.

It is my belief that the Federation is fractured glass of many hue. Beware the temperature as we align our focus on the truth.

A state of diminishment saddens me, yet does not surprise me.

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