Third Parties in Faction Warfare

My friends were board one day and one of us who was involved in faction warfare said he would run some complexes and asked if we were interested, although we’d get no LP. We said sure, why not, we had nothing better to do while waiting for an ice belt. He said the way it worked was that he enters a site, clears it of hostiles, and then sits and wait for a timer. If no one entered the site, the timer would finish. In the meantime, the rest of us would just squat on one of the gates, give him intel, and shoot any flashies while avoiding taking gate gun fire ourselves. If he needed us, we would warp to his site and blow up anyone harassing him.

Well basically nothing happened, he just went in 6 sites with a hurricane and waited out the timers. Some people came and left in local. He showed a screenshot of himself and an NPC that he didn’t need to kill.

Isaid we should have gone into the sites (even though it is a suspect offense) so that we could position the kitchen sink fleet in optimal range of anyone coming in. Range was problem for the AB Blaster Burtix fits. If we had to warp to the site when someone appeared on gird, we’d spent a lot of time trying to position ourselves, while if we squatted the site, everyone can puit themselves at a distance the ylike.

Another person argued by not entering the site and camping the gate, we gave the impression we were just a gate camp and someone might enter the site without knowing we were buddies with the guy actually running the complex.

On site 7, 3 guys from the 24th Imperial Crusade in a faction navy battlecrusier, an imperial navy crucifier, and a t1 battle cruiser warped to the site. I asked my friend if they were friendly, and he said, he honestly didn’t know. He said that group should help him if the enemy militia arrived, but he didn’t know if they were hostile since they yellow boxxed him. The 4 of them just sat there and the timer went out and everyone left.

So first question, is third party help fleet much use to a lone faction warfare participant? Most of our fleet were solo PVP ships, not something we made with this fleet in mind. If he gets blown up, I don’t think he gets any LP for any ships we kill if we avenge him. A FW participant needs to kill him.

Next, is camping a gate or being in the site better for third parties? The usual way to third part these sites is see someone in the site, go in, and blow them up. Here, we’re not blowing up our friend but just waiting for someone to try to stop his progress. By not entering the site, we can surprise someone who checks the site with D-scan and sets it to a narrow cone. On the other hand, since any competent low sec player checks local, it could be argued anyone seeing 7 people of the same corp in local should be alert. In this case, there is no surprise and the decision to only go in the site if he needs help means a lot of ships will be misplaced.

Third, do players from FW player corps and players from FW NPC corps of the same militia get along together? My friend honestly didn’t know if those guys were going to shoot him or not. Let’s suppose a hypothetical player in an Ammar Militia corp was fighting 1 vs 1 against a Minnmatar one (or 2 vs 1 if you count the NPC, but NPC BCs aren’t that strong anyways) and he sees someone from the 24th Imperial Crusade show up on grid but it’s a random player he doesn’t know. How likely is he to help the first player and how likely is the 24th Imperial Crusade player to just get on a killmail for both ships? I mean, it obviously depends on the player, but surely one type is more common than others.

If they didn’t shoot, they were not hostile.

Yes, but it’s a scummy thing to do. If you sit on the acceleration gate, though, you are very very unlikely to get fights. People will just assume you are together because the outside fleet isn’t taking the easy fight against the lone FW guy.

I think he gets an LP ampunt divided by the number of people on the killmail. The more people, the less LP. It still applies if he dies first, i think.

A bunch of ships sitting outside is a trap. A bunch of ships on the inside are a fleet that are all the same group unless you know exactly what’s going on.

Generally yes. There is no reason to engage. It loses a lot of faction standings. It’s to the point where when it does happen (which is actually pretty frequent) it is called awoxing.

The 24th Imperial Crusade guy is probably going to shoot the minmatar guy, maybe stay for the site LP, then move on. They might also start a convo, talk a bit, maybe fly together for a while. They will almost certainly not shoot the other militia guy.

Overall, itś totally viable, and done all the time. You have to be sneaky about it though.

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Thank you for answering my questions

People use third party neutral alts to chase out allied militia from a plex.

Since you can’t choose who is an actual ally in militia — and the game forces you to be friends — people abuse this to farm safely. Especially in CalMil. You can run a plex and suddenly 10 „allies“ from militia will show up to „help“ you and take 10/11ths of the LP rewards. (Note: they never help and will flee at any enemy sighting)

Rather than awoxing these risk adverse plex farmers, there are individuals with neutral alts that come in to the plex site in the last 30 seconds and scare away the farmers. Doesn’t matter if it’s a 10 farmers versus 1 third party scenario, the farmers are cowards and flee. The remaining 30 seconds (and the rewards) go to the militia individual and his third party alt. And the farmers all wasted hours of their time (collectively).

That’s acutally brilliant. I’m going to see if I can convince any of my friends to do this with me. Sounds like a great way to get solo kills on the alt, just get them in, like, an Osprey Navy Issue or an MWD Polarbill or Coercer Navy or something and pot shot those heckers out of town!

What do you expect. From the beginning Calderi was designed for bears to do PVE with missile boats, PvP’ers flew gunships.

Tell him not to be such a goddam chicken. Get rid of your ships but keep a couple of logi frigs or nearby cloaked t2 logis on standy. Come to his aid when he gets attacked and screams like a little girl. Don’t do any damage so only your chicken friend appears on the killmail.

Oh we weren’t on the acceleration gate but the system gate. Some of us were using dronebrawlers so letting the gate guns fire on us would defang us. Shooting flashies (except flashies never appeared) were a way to pass time while we waited for him to need help.

As for the idea of ditching the combat ships and using logi, does that generate solo killmails? I know repping the guy who does damage won’t get you to appear on the killmail, but I’ve seen when I click “related” during fights, I see logi ships that didn’t either get blown up or appear in other killmails. So I’m wondering if repping will generate a killmail with a solo tag. If so that’s pretty cool.

Not sure why you’re calling him chicken. Us lurking around and helping him was our idea since… well we were bored but joining the militia and losing access to Gallante NPC stations (I think Ammar and Gallente FW militia don’t like each other? I forgot) sounds like a bad idea. And joining FW would mess with the weekly high sec ice mining we do as a group Thursday since even though the belt is in Ammar space, the enemy militia could warp to the belt and I think the faction navy that attacks them only hangs around the gates and NPC stations. It’s not like he asked for us to go with him.

Here was using a scimitar logi , it didn’t appear in the related

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