Whats the Point of that?

Good day

I wanted to ask something here that doesn’t make any sense to me.
If you as a player join a faction for Faction Warfare, shouldn’t there be a waiting period after which you can then join another faction?
I ask because as a Gallente pilot I experience again and again that pilots who were plexing with me the day before suddenly appear in the local as Caldari. What’s the point of flying for a faction but then not being loyal to the faction?

Shouldn’t there be an additional reward the longer you stay with a faction in Faction Warfare? Or that you then receive something on your account as an additional reward that only belongs to faction members who have farmed a certain cap of LP and who also take part in the faction war. I would also add as a challenge that the players in question are not allowed to have an opposing faction on the account.

It feels like you only have beneficiaries in the faction when there are a lot of LPs again, but as soon as that’s over, it switches back to the other faction. Another point is the many multiboxers with third-party programs, and also the bots that farm there.
Multiboxing is allowed, that’s no problem. But we have seen again and again in PvP that there are certain multiboxers who use third-party programs.
Or that said multiboxer can then join the other faction that he plexed against two minutes ago without a delay.
We’re warping through space and time… but can’t we be bothered to inform the faction leaders that someone is behaving dishonorably? I mean… ever heard of email?

Jokes aside. Please revise the Faction Warfare.
As a PvP player, and someone who earns more money when the Caldari have the system, I don’t refuse it now. But the whole thing seems very… strange.

Farmers have long been flip-flopping sides to maximize their ISK/hr. Did you not play pre-Uprising? It was even worse then.

I’ve been playing Faction Warfare for a month because it hasn’t interested me much so far. I’m also just in it for the old Evoke pilots, since you have Small Gang PvP.
You can earn ISK, yes, but it’s surprising how inconsistent the pilots from your own faction are.
I think there should be a stronger commitment to the faction.

Yes, random militia are not to be trusted. They’ll even light a cyno for your enemy.