This badly written propaganda piece by a CSM member

He’s pissing me off.
Look at this ■■■■:

There already exists in the minds of many players the belief – a false one - that CSM members actively advocate in their own interests rather than the interests of the entire game.

“You’re all wrong. Believe me! Trust me! We care about you!”

The CSM recommends to CCP that they carefully consider the effects of implementing any changes that could lead a reasonable, objective third party player to believe that CCP was attempting to make changes to the game to benefit one or more of the belligerents at the expense of the others.

CCP has been shoving polished turds up the nullseccers asses for years, until black-out. Now, that they’ve stopped, “suddenly” CCP needs to make sure they’re not implementing things at the expense of others. The others they, the nullseccers, did not give a single flying ■■■■ about.

Now someone will say “Oh but these are different people. It’s a different CSM.”, to which I’ll reply “Three out of ten of the current CSM has no ties to null blocs. ■■■■ off.”

The CSM takes its duty to represent the players and to advocate for changes that benefit the entirety of New Eden seriously. The goal of this statement is to reassure players that the CSM will not actively use their influence inappropriately and they will do their best to provide CCP with the best advice and feedback they can in an impartial manner.

Lol, look at this. “I am telling you a lie. The goal of this lie is to make you believe what I want you to believe. Believe it.”

Some of his comments in the thread:

This serves to show people that none of the 10 of us are here for our own personal agenda,

“Because I say so, it must be true, therefore you must believe it.”

Oh! So it’s a good thing! THREE out of TEN do not have ties to nullsec! Awesome!
Let’s just IGNORE that this means that seven out of ten of the current CSM have ties to null blocs!

This shows what he really thinks of us.

What a ■■■■■■■ asshole.


You released pressure by personal attacks and ranting without one single argument.

Now please, kindly ■■■■ off


There is no need for arguments of any kind,
the CSM member provided everything needed all by himself.

If you’re too stupid to understand that, then that’s not my ■■■■■■■ problem.


I’m currently rewatching all 5 series of “The Wire”. Drug gang wars, drug gang co-ops & city hall corruption. The parallels are twistin’ my melon man.

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Nb4 the :lock:


Remarkable piece of emotional posting, if not a personal attack. You did the CSM member a big fat favor here by adding your amusing comments to his writing. If the CSM, with representatives of all the war parties involved (!), advizes CCP to be careful to not influence the war itself - something CCP was aware of during the Casino wars - why on earth would you have a problem with that ?!

Anyway, show us on the doll where …
And inb4 lock

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It’s called World War Bee.
Spotted the Goon. (who has no zkill history)


Sol, you should perhaps chill on this, it is not going to make any difference making a post like this.

For many years it was a goal of CCP to push people towards nullsec based on the concept of risk and reward so they could get armies of F1 drones to sate their play as FC’s and strategic gods. However, all that ever did was annoy casual players.

There is what I would call over lapping points of interest for many people, gankers wanted less rewards and more risk in hisec while nullsec wanted that too, and casual players were ignored.

I just do what I want to do and currently ignore nullsec as much as I am able to.

No. Ignorance isn’t Strength.
Ignoring this ■■■■■■■■ only helps those who try to fool us.

Just look at the post on reddit. It’s a badly written propaganda piece
and it’s outright insulting to the intellect of every single EVE player out there.

That includes me, you, Dom, even DMC. Look at the Goon above.
Of course he comes here to defend this bullcrap of lies and deceit.

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I wish I were, alas, I’m just a watcher of the Imperium News … with sympathies for the goons, and any other content providers with style.

Btw, love your zkillboard, impressive collection of rookie ships and shuttles there. Ur doing great.

It is not ignorance, I chose to ignore what they are doing and minimise my exposure to them. I understand your feelings however, many people share them, myself included.

I think that was more to try and deal with what they perceived as a problem that line members were perhaps thinking about. I don’t know, it was pompous and full of itself , but that is how major Eve alliances are.

Is that really necessary?

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“Believe me. I’m not a Goon. They’re just super awesome. Everyone should read their propaganda website.”

If you knew me, you’d know that the zkill of this character does not give an accurate representation.
In any case, at least I have one.


CSM is a joke always has been always will be.


That is how politicians are when they think about everyone else …
… as evidenced by his post.

Whoever told him to write this piece of ■■■■ either is an idiot …
… or had malicious intentions, predicting the outcome observable on reddit.

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Eve is full of mystery isn’t it…

You accuse a bystander with an opinion to be a goon for using the term ‘casino war’ which is not exclusively used by the Imperium or CFC or whatever they call themselves, point out that she doesn’t have a “reputation” because of an empty zkill page, are shaken by being exposed as a rookie killer on occasion.

You’re funny. And oh so wrong in everything you wrote on this page.

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Knock it off. First warning.