This Browser Add-On Helps New Players Understand EVE Jargon

Having trouble with all the acronyms and jargon related to EVE?

Still don’t know what a MWD or EANM or Neut is?

The exploration corporation Signal Cartel has just introduced the New Eden Word Bank (NEWB) , a free browser extension for Firefox and Chrome that can auto-magically translate all those terms and acronyms for you right in your browser.

This latest community service from Signal Cartel will hopefully make it easier for our new players to learn EVE without constantly having to ask someone else, or searching on their own.

You can learn more about NEWB and where to download it by reading this post in Signal Cartel’s public forum.

(or by searching for NEWB in the Chrome Store or Firefox Addons)

Thank you for your time, and good luck in your new EVE careers.



Cool! Well done Signal Cartel!
Wish I would have had that when I started!

Very nice :slight_smile: great job Signal Cartel! I wish I had access to my desktop to check it out.

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